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Extensive Selection Of The Finest Oval Cut Engagement Rings Sydney Offers

As a long-standing fixture in the jewellery community, Certified Diamond Network has observed that every few years, a new shape gemstone rises in popularity, and people just can’t get enough of them. In recent times, oval-cut stones have been topping the popularity charts, which has led to a significant surge in demand for oval-cut engagement rings in Sydney. We have been supplying the demand for oval engagement rings with our stunning selection of bespoke handmade oval engagement rings from our Parramatta studio.

Certified Diamond Network’s custom-made engagement rings make no compromises regarding the quality and that also applies to our oval-cut engagement rings in Sydney, and our lead designer is a master artisan when it comes to creating spectacular one-off pieces, from a .50-carat solitaire diamond oval-shaped engagement ring to a halo set 3-carat oval diamond engagement ring. Our dazzling collection of oval engagement rings in Parramatta is unrivalled and breathtaking and represents the finest lineup of top-quality custom-made oval engagement rings in Australia.

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Oval Cut Engagement Rings

From Unique Oval Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings To Handmade Oval Emerald Engagement Rings We Have Something For Everyone!

Searching for the perfect ring to make a proposal of marriage extra special is certainly no easy task. There is so much to consider, from the precious metal, gemstones, cut, and overall design. Edward Swaab, our Sydney oval engagement ring designer, has over four decades of experience and expertise in oval cut engagement ring design and creation and has an extensive catalogue of spectacularly fashioned oval engagement rings in Sydney.

The Certified Diamond Network studio in Parramatta houses our in-house designed and artisan-created pieces. Our current collection includes exceptional oval emerald engagement rings, oval cut solitaire engagement rings, and simply jaw-dropping elongated oval engagement rings with champagne diamonds. Wherever your taste and style preference lie, we believe we have something for everyone at our studio. If you can’t find the perfect piece in our present selection, we’d be thrilled to help design and create a bespoke oval engagement ring. If you’re looking for custom wedding rings in Sydney, we also have a tantalizing range of diamond wedding rings for women along with an exquisite collection of handmade men’s wedding bands.

Custom-Made Gold Oval Engagement Rings From Sydney's Top Oval Cut Engagement Ring Designer

As well as choosing which precious gemstone to have set in your ring, from diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, opal, ruby, garnet, and many more, you also have the decision to make regarding which precious metal to incorporate. From 18k gold oval engagement rings with a halo or trilogy setting to a rose gold oval solitaire bespoke engagement ring, Certified Diamond Network is widely regarded as the #1 designer for oval engagement rings in Sydney.

Edward Swaab has spent his career designing many custom oval engagement rings using gold as the base metal. Gold is a highly ductile metal, and many people only think of yellow gold, but attractive alternatives for custom-made oval engagement rings include white and rose gold. Available from 8k to 24k, gold offers many variations that can identify our bespoke oval engagement rings in Parramatta as unique and perfect for someone special whom you plan to spend your life with.

Design Your Own Bespoke Oval Engagement Ring With Expert Advice and Guidance From The Certified Diamond Network In Parramatta

Choosing an engagement ring is difficult when browsing options in stores or online. Every bride-to-be is unique and will have thoughts and feelings about what makes a ring perfect. Edward Swaab, our Sydney oval engagement ring designer, can help guide you through the process as you design your dream oval-shaped engagement ring finished in your choice of precious metal, gemstone, and setting. Bespoke handmade oval engagement rings offer a secure way of getting the ring you deserve. As one of Australia’s leading wholesale diamond brokers, we have a large number of fancy-coloured diamonds for sale, along with natural black diamonds, pink diamonds, and blue diamonds for sale.

From our Parramatta studio, we provide the latest in precious gemstone oval engagement rings and oval shape diamond ring design in Sydney. We can design and craft everything from contemporary oval cushion-cut engagement rings to classic diamond oval solitaire engagement rings. One of the extraordinary elements of custom-made oval engagement rings is that they authentically represent the wearer, and Certified Diamond Network are only happy with our oval engagement rings when you are.

Arrange a Free Custom Made Oval Engagement Ring Consultation Today!

Certified Diamond Network has the perfect solution if you’ve been searching high and low for the oval-shaped engagement ring you’ve been dreaming about wearing but have come up empty-handed. Our Sydney oval engagement ring designer, Edward Swaab, has dedicated his last forty-plus years to jewellery design. He has created everything from a simple oval silver engagement ring to highly intricate emerald oval engagement rings in Parramatta to the highest industry standards and with unquestionable quality.

Whether your dream piece is an oval solitaire bespoke engagement ring crafted from white gold, an oval silver engagement ring set with a ruby, or a 3-carat oval diamond engagement ring with a halo surround and crafted from platinum, if you can dream it, we’ll make it. For a free consultation where you can view our current oval engagement ring designs and begin the process of designing your spectacular one-off piece, contact us at our Parramatta studio today!

Questions & Answers

Handmade Oval Diamond Engagement Rings Sydney FAQs

What does an oval engagement ring symbolize?

An oval-cut engagement ring symbolizes several things. Firstly, the oval shape of the gemstone represents fertility, rebirth, and family due to the fact that the stone is egg-shaped. Our custom oval engagement rings are also seen to represent individuality and uniqueness.

Are oval diamonds more expensive?

Although oval engagement rings are very sought after and popular in these current times, a diamond oval engagement ring can be between 10%-30% cheaper than a ring with a brilliant round diamond of the same carat weight. An oval diamond engagement ring is a spectacular piece in its own right and can make a fabulous investment.

Is a custom-made oval engagement ring worth the money?

Most of us only intend on getting married once, so you could look at an oval diamond engagement ring as a lifelong investment. But beyond that, bespoke handmade oval engagement rings provide you with an opportunity to present your significant other with a luxury piece of jewellery that is as unique as they are. In many cases, an oval shape diamond ring design in Sydney is not as expensive as you may think.

How Much do handmade diamond oval engagement rings cost?

This question depends on how you design the piece and what elements you decide to include. You could opt for an oval-cut engagement ring made from platinum with a 6-carat diamond, or you might commission an oval solitaire engagement ring with a stunning sapphire or emerald. You have to allow for the craftsmanship that is put into every bespoke piece of jewellery at Certified Diamond Network, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised that our handmade oval engagement rings are often found to be not much more expensive than store-bought rings