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Explore Our Exclusive and Exceptional Collection of Handmade Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings

For those searching for bespoke engagement rings in Sydney and something a little different regarding the gemstone set in their engagement ring, our champagne diamond engagement rings in Parramatta might be just what you’re looking for. Often referred to as the champagne diamond or cognac diamond, it provides a stunning variation of depth and colour that genuinely catches the eye and creates fabulous champagne stone engagement rings. Certified Diamond Network are preeminent design studio for champagne diamond engagement rings in Sydney.

We have decades of in-house experience in high-end jewellery design and creation and have built up an extensive body of work that includes examples of champagne peach sapphire engagement rings, cognac champagne solitaire engagement rings, and light brown custom champagne diamond engagement rings in Parramatta. If you want to be different and stand out from the masses, check out our remarkable collection of champagne diamond engagement rings.

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Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings

Carefully Crafted Champagne Colored Engagement Ring Designs That Are Truly Timeless

Champagne stones can vary significantly in colour, giving you a fabulous array of options when searching for champagne stone engagement rings. Hues can range from a light brown champagne colour to darker shades of brown, often called cognac. The eye-catching colouring variations allow for wonderful unique pieces to be created. From champagne peach, sapphire engagement rings or a medium-coloured stone is perfect for a pink champagne engagement ring. Being one of the best diamond brokers Sydney offers we have a large collection of natural gemstones that offer a good alternative to a champagne diamond these include natural ruby gemstones, natural aquamarine, beryl gemstones, tourmaline gemstones and loose garnets for sale.

If you want to stray from a traditional colourless diamond, a champagne diamond rose gold engagement ring, a cognac champagne Morganite engagement ring, or a champagne Moissanite engagement ring provide affordable, timelessly elegant, and sophisticated alternatives. Our multi-award-winning in-house designer carefully crafts Certified Diamond Network’s Sydney champagne engagement rings and meets the finest industry standards in quality and innovative design. Check out our latest collection, including a spectacular champagne oval engagement ring, a mesmerising champagne sapphire engagement ring, and a pink champagne rose gold engagement ring. We also provide a high-quality selection of natural loose-coloured diamonds including raw black diamonds, loose blue diamonds, and loose pink diamonds.

Wide Range of Morganite, Sapphire, Moissanite and Solitaire Handmade Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings To Choose From

An engagement ring symbolises love and commitment; a woman could wear it for decades without it ever being removed. With this being the case, it’s essential that, along with the depth of meaning the ring brings, it’s a thing of visual beauty. You may choose a gemstone such as Morganite for a stunning pink champagne Morganite engagement ring or a Moissanite as a more affordable option than a colourless diamond for a spectacular champagne oval engagement ring.

Wherever your preferences and desires lie, whether you opt for a champagne gold engagement ring, one of our champagne solitaire engagement rings, or any variation of the gemstone and precious metal, each champagne-coloured engagement ring offers a look and feel of complete luxury. Each champagne diamond engagement ring design in the Certified Diamond Network is unique to us and will be to you. Please also check out our halo engagement rings, princess cut rings, round brilliant cut engagement rings and unique 3-stone ring designs.

Certified Diamond Network Is Proud To Be Considered Sydney's Leading Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring Designer

As a long-standing jewellery store and gemstone broker in the community of Parramatta, we have worked tirelessly over many years to provide the best for our clients. We do everything to the highest industry standards, from our in-store collection, including our handmade champagne diamond engagement rings, to our bespoke jewellery design and creation service. No stone goes unturned in our efforts to provide the finest champagne-coloured diamond engagement rings in Sydney.

Whoever visits our Parramatta studio, whether the bride-to-be or the future groom, gets breath taken by the superior quality of what we produce. Regardless of whether it’s a champagne rose gold engagement ring, a champagne sapphire engagement ring, or a champagne diamond rose gold engagement ring, every piece receives the same level of care and attention to ensure a perfect end product that we are honoured to produce and that every woman is proud to wear. We also have an abundance of handcrafted wedding rings at our Parramatta showroom including handmade men’s wedding rings and ladies’ wedding rings.

Interested in a Unique Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring Design? Arrange a Free Consultation in Parramatta With Edward Swaab Today!

Although there are, without a doubt, many beautiful engagement rings that can be store-bought, there is nothing quite like the feeling of owning and wearing a timeless artisan-crafted piece that is unique. Whether you want a champagne gold engagement ring or an oval champagne diamond engagement ring, Certified Diamond Network’s Edward Swaab will lend his 40-plus years of expertise in design and craftsmanship to ensure you have the perfect champagne diamond engagement ring design.

To arrange your free consultation with our in-house multi-award-winning champagne diamond engagement ring designer in Sydney, contact us today, and we can schedule your visit. Engagement and marriage are the most significant commitments we make during our lifetimes, and it deserves something above and beyond. Champagne stone engagement rings provide a unique and classy alternative to colourless diamonds. When you collaborate with Edward, and when he sets a beautiful stone in a customer-designed engagement ring, you’ll have the perfect champagne-coloured engagement ring to symbolise your special event.

Questions & Answers

Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings Sydney FAQs

Are champagne diamonds more expensive?

Champagne diamonds are not as rare as colourless diamonds and therefore tend to be a less expensive option. In some cases, depending on the diamond’s colour grading, they can be as much as 50-60% cheaper. However, this doesn’t detract from their beauty, and they look incredible when set in bespoke champagne diamond engagement rings.

What does a champagne diamond engagement ring symbolise?

It’s a common notion that our Sydney champagne engagement rings represent the earth and nature. These stunning gemstones come in various hues, from a light brown C1 to a C7 cognac are also thought to symbolise order, clarity, and stability, making them a wonderful choice for an engagement ring.

How much do bespoke champagne diamond engagement rings in Sydney cost?

With the cost of good quality champagne diamonds being considerably lower than colourless diamonds, our custom champagne diamond engagement rings in Parramatta offer a very affordable alternative. Not only are they far more affordable than their colourless cousins, but they are truly stunning in their own right. A bespoke oval champagne diamond engagement ring or a solitaire pink champagne engagement ring would make a spectacular statement of commitment to that special someone you intend to spend your life with.

Why is Edward Swaab the leading champagne diamond engagement ring designer in Sydney?

Edward Swaab has dedicated over forty years to producing spectacular and unique jewellery. He is a multi-award-winning jewellery designer passionate about uncompromising style and quality. As an industry-leading artisan, he has crafted stunning champagne moissanite engagement rings, champagne sapphire engagement rings, and everything in between. With his unwavering commitment to ensuring each client is 100% happy with their design and end product, he has earned his reputation for creating the finest champagne-colored diamond engagement rings.