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Unique Pear Cut Engagement Rings Handmade And Designed In Our Parramatta Studio

A pear-shaped stone embodies a strong will, empowerment and independence, making a pear-shaped engagement ring design a fabulous choice as a symbol of making a lifelong commitment to marry. Here at Certified Diamond Network, we specialise in unique pear-shaped engagement rings from our Parramatta studio in Sydney. Every unique handmade engagement ring piece in our studio is designed and then handmade in-house, allowing us to maintain the highest industry standards of artisanship.

We have a selection of pear-shaped engagement rings in Sydney that are unrivalled by any other jeweller. Whether you want a teardrop-shaped diamond engagement ring, a ruby and diamond pear-shaped halo engagement ring, or a pear-shaped engagement ring set, we will be able to make your dreams become a reality with our stunning bespoke handcrafted jewellery created by the fine pear-shaped engagement ring designer in Sydney.

Pear Cut Engagement Rings

Stunning Collection Of Exquisite Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring Designs That Literally Take The Breath Away!

Our pear-shaped engagement rings in Parramatta will undoubtedly take your breath away and enlighten you about the unlimited possibilities of Certified Diamond Network’s pear-shaped engagement rings. The hands of our in-house master jeweller have precisely and prudently created each piece in this stunning collection, which includes a variety of precious metals and beautifully pear-cut gemstones, making it the finest selection of custom-made pear-shaped engagement rings in Sydney.

You’re always welcome to visit us at our studio and view our pear-shaped engagement rings in Parramatta. We have a display that comprises a platinum pear-shaped emerald engagement ring with a bezel setting, a rose gold pear-shaped solitaire engagement ring with a prong setting, and a white gold channel setting pear diamond engagement ring. Whichever pear-cut engagement ring you choose, it’ll set you apart from other brides-to-be and be unique to you. If you’re looking for a different diamond cut we also have unique princess-cut engagement rings and round brilliant cut engagement ring designs along with some amazing unique 3-stone ring designs.

Design Your Own Bespoke Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring In Sydney With The Certified Diamonds Network Today!

Certified Diamond Network like to believe that we are creating dream pear drop engagement rings, and each piece becomes a family heirloom that will be passed down through the generations. With the compelling significance behind the shape of each gemstone, teardrop shape engagement rings are understandably popular among couples who are excited about an engagement and plan to marry. Certified Diamond Network has the ideal solution if you’ve been exploring your options for handmade pear-shaped engagement rings and can’t find the perfect piece. We also have a wide selection of custom wedding rings to view at our Sydney store in Parramatta from gorgeous handmade wedding rings for women to unusual men’s wedding rings that truly stand out.

At Certified Diamond Network, you have the opportunity to work alongside a master artisan, letting your imagination run wild, and commission your dream pear-shaped engagement ring design. We have a weakness for quality and only design and bring into being bespoke pear-shaped engagement rings that include the finest precious metals and top-quality ethically sourced gemstones. If you’re considering pear-shaped gemstone engagement rings to celebrate your betrothment, get in touch today!

See The Most Extensive Collection of Custom Made Pear Shaped Engagement Rings Sydney Offers!

Suppose you’re on the hunt for the perfect pear-cut diamond engagement ring in Sydney or a sapphire pear-shaped engagement ring wedding band set. Certified Diamond Network has the city’s most comprehensive collection of one-off handmade rings. Our Parramatta studio is home to many of our award-winning designer’s incredible creations, where we believe you’ll find your dream pear diamond engagement ring or pear-shaped halo engagement ring.

Every bride-to-be would love to have a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring or a pear-shaped engagement ring with wedding band that is unique to them. Certified Diamond Network design and create all of our handmade pear-shaped engagement rings onsite in Sydney using alexandrite, morganite, emerald, spinel, garnet, tourmaline, sapphire, ruby, beryl, aquamarine, tanzanite, and coloured diamonds, allowing us to design and craft stunning and exclusive pear-cut engagement rings.

Commission A Unique Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Hand Crafted By Edward Swaab

Our in-house master artisan Edward Swaab has over four decades of experience creating astonishingly unique dream jewellery designs that include many custom pear-shaped engagement rings. Our clients from all four corners of Australia choose to collaborate with Edward as their pear-shaped engagement ring designer in Sydney due to his award-winning industry recognition and outstanding reputation among many delighted clients that have commissioned teardrop shape engagement rings.

You can visit our Parramatta studio and meet with Edward to discuss your design ideas. Due to Edward’s vast experience and expertise in creating bespoke pear-shaped engagement rings, he’ll be able to guide you through the pros and cons of every aspect of creating pear drop engagement rings, from whether it should be handmade or cast, build quality width and thickness, type of precious metal, and the style of setting to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the creation of your one-off personally commissioned pear-shaped engagement ring design.

Questions & Answers

Pear Cut Engagement Rings Sydney FAQs

What is the meaning behind a teardrop engagement ring?

There are many reasons why handmade pear-shaped engagement rings are popular among brides-to-be, and one of them is the meaning associated with a tear-drop or pear-shaped gemstone. A pear-shaped gemstone symbolises a strong will, empowerment, and independence.

Do you design custom pear-shaped solitaire engagement rings in Sydney?

Certified Diamond Network is blessed to have Edward Swaab as our in-house master artisan, creating custom jewellery for over four decades. If you dream of commissioning a pear-shaped solitaire engagement ring, you can visit Edward at our Parramatta studio, view our collection of handmade pear diamond engagement rings, gather some inspiration and then collaborate in designing your dream pear cut engagement ring.

Why should I invest in a unique handmade pear-shaped engagement ring for my fiancée?

Whether you opt for one of our selection of pear-shaped gemstone engagement rings that includes stunning examples of pear-cut gold engagement rings, a pear-shaped engagement ring with crown details, or a pear-shaped engagement ring wedding band set, our hand and custom-made pear-shaped engagement rings in Sydney serve as spectacular pieces of jewellery that memorialise an engagement and as heirlooms that will be kept in the family for generations to come. Our custom pear-shaped engagement rings are crafted to the highest standards of excellence using the finest precious metals and gemstones and the craftsmanship of an award-winning artisan jeweller.

What makes a pear-cut engagement ring so special?

Pear-cut engagement rings or a pear-shaped engagement ring with wedding band offer the wearer something a little more distinctive from a regular round diamond solitaire ring. A pear-shaped emerald engagement ring or a pear-shaped engagement ring set will provide a unique touch and stand out. Unique pear-shaped engagement rings have also increased in popularity due to the powerful meaning behind a teardrop-shaped gemstone.