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Fancy Shape Diamond Engagement Rings Sydney Women Adore

Whichever shape you adore the most, we’ll help you find it.


Get A Custom Designed Fancy Shape Engagement Ring For The One You Love

Fancy shape diamond engagement rings aren’t nearly as common when compared to princess or round brilliant cut diamond rings. These include diamond shapes that are very subjective to the wearer’s hand and personal taste.

If you wanted to create an elegant, elongated look down the finger then you may want to consider a pear, oval, or marquise cut diamond. Or if you’re after a more symmetrical and understated look then an emerald or Asscher cut diamond could be more for you.

Whichever shape you adore the most, we’ll help you find it… As your personal diamond & gemstone broker, we can access some of the most beautifully cut and best value fancy shape diamonds for you at a wholesale level, ensuring not only a wide range of choices but also the most competitive price.


This is an uncompromising, hands-on approach to viewing & selecting your perfect diamond within the top 10% of light performance & visual qualities.

So if you’re looking to buy a custom designed, one-off, fancy shape engagement ring in Sydney, then look no further… Edward Swaab is an award-winning designer and master jewellery craftsman of over 40 years’ experience.

Each creation embarks on a custom jewellery design journey with Edward, allowing you complete control over the personalisation of your diamond engagement ring.

Please browse through some of our client commissioned, custom fancy shape engagement ring designs that have all been 100% handcrafted in our studio workshop in Parramatta.

If you’d like to discuss your diamond engagement ring requirements personally or arrange an obligation free consultation, please call us on 02 9689 3396 or send us an here.