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Australian Sapphires For Sale At Sydney's Top Sapphire Gemstone Jewellers


How Blue Sapphire & Other Coloured Sapphires Are Formed

Like many other names for precious gemstones, we derive the gemological name sapphire from both the Latin word “Saphirus” and the Greek word “Sapheiros,” which are two common languages for naming things that occur in the natural world. In antiquity and as late as the middle ages the name sapphire was understood to mean what is today described as lapis lazuli.

Around 1800 it was recognized that sapphire and ruby are gem varieties of corundum. The only gemstone more popular for use in jewellery are diamonds, and the rarity and rich hue of colour range have made them a highly desirable gemstone. Like other gemstones, they take millions of years to form and require precise conditions, and these beautiful sapphire stones are comprised of natural corundum. Without any other minerals, they will develop as a colourless, white gem, but when other elements are introduced as they are forming, they adopt a variety of different colours. Although sapphires are commonly blue in colour, they are available in a wide assortment of different colours, such as Australian yellow sapphire. Due to their colour, rarity, and also how durable they are, they score a ( 9 ) on the ( Mohs hardness scale), they are a popular option for jewellery. And like some of our other favourite and most prized gemstones they have a very high “refractive light index” ( 1.762-1.788 ) reading, this makes them very lively and vibrant and beautiful to look at.

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Ceylon Sapphire Art Deco

Natural Sapphire Gemstones Are Found Mainly Outside Australia

When it comes to buying a sapphire, Australia does have mines that produce these beautiful sapphire stones; however, the majority of gemstones that they mine in Australia can be low quality and used primarily in industry, with very few of them going to the jewellery trade. Very large and important bulk buyers of Australian rough sapphire is from south east Asian buyers and cutting operations which are then sold back into the Australian market. This is not to say that the ones that do get cut and polished can’t be at the very top end of what the world has to offer. Only a small percentage of the sapphires mined in Australia will be cut and polished into beautiful sapphires for sale, which means that a lot of the Australian sapphire jewellery that you see for sale will have origins from overseas, or will be so deep in colour that they appear almost black. Contrary to what a sales person may tell you, these are very low grade stones . A consequence of this is that an Australian blue sapphire of gem-quality can be anywhere from very affordable to rather expensive. It is possible to mine sapphire stone in many countries around the world, including Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, China, USA, Nigeria, Nepal, Kashmir, and Pakistan. Certified Diamond Network has many different sapphire colours from which you can choose. If you would like to ask us any questions about pink sapphire jewellery, alternatives to sapphires, or anything else, call us today on Tel: [02] 9689 3396 and one of our expert advisers will be happy to assist you.



The best sapphire rings, weather it be for an engagement ring or any high quality piece of designer jewellery really comes down to a matter of personal taste. It start’s with colour, and you are definitely spoilt for choice with colours that range from royal blue, green, teal, pink or yellow. Also some really interesting and uniquely beautiful mixed colours in purple/violet and peach and apricot colours. Some of the rarest and most desirable colours are the finest Royal blue and Padparadscha, which is Sinhalese for “Lotus Flower”. The yellow or golden sapphire can be used as a very cost effective alternative to coloured diamonds. 

It is a very good method to broadening your search and budget range to find the perfect gem for you. If you are looking for Individual sapphires that are loose, or beautiful sapphire gems that become handcrafted into unique handmade and bespoke designer jewellery, there is no better place to come than our studio to make your dream ring or designer piece of jewellery come true. We will guide you with expertise and passion through the entire process. If you are interested in purchasing sapphire jewellery or gemstones, call our expert gemologists today on Tel: (02) 9689 3396, and we will be happy to arrange a consultation or answer any questions that you may have. A sapphire is quite a remarkable gem and whether you are looking for wholesale loose diamonds or handmade sapphire jewellery, there is no better place to go than Certified Diamond Network, where we will help you to Dream, Discover, and Create unique jewellery that you will love and cherish for a lifetime to come.

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Sapphire FAQ`s


You can find sapphires, both natural and synthetic, in many different colours including all shades and hues of blue, yellow, black, pink, green, teal, red, black, and clear to name but a few. Let’s not forget the rare and beautiful Padparadscha Sapphire, which is in the colour range of “lotus flower”. They also come in a mixed colour or bi-colour and tri-colour looks which are commonly known as “parti” coloured gemstones . In Australian material this typically is a combination of yellow and blue which can occur in a banded or swirl look that can then produce the green colours, even into beautiful teal tones. These are not very well known, and in our opinion are quite under rated as well as difficult to find in the most sort after mixtures. These are definitely as unique as your finger print.


As with all precious gemstones, the value is going to be dictated by the 4 C’s, click here to see our buying guide, which are Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Colour. The higher quality all these characteristics in a gemstone, then the higher the value. If the colour is too deep, dark blue sapphire can appear almost black, so it is less valuable. At the very high-quality side of sapphires in the rich and royal blue colour that are very clean-bright and vibrant in look and colour, these are much rarer and fewer to be found, and consequently, they are in higher in demand and price.


Sapphires are indeed a birthstone, and expressly, blue ones represent the month of September. As these precious gems come in a variety of colours, such as yellow, black, white, pink, green, and red, you could replace a fancy coloured gemstone for another birthstone. Whether you’re looking for loose blue sapphire stones for sale, a rare light blue sapphire, a sapphire ring, or any other type of sapphires, Certified Diamond Network has an abundance of choice of loose sapphires and sapphire jewellery for sale. We know we can provide not only some of the best blue sapphire jewellery Sydney has to offer, but can also source some of the most beautiful sapphires in Australia, and from around the world. No matter if you are looking for a red sapphire, green sapphire, or blue sapphires, we can help you find the perfect gems for your jewellery, and we also specialise in creating bespoke handmade designer jewellery in our studio in Parramatta. If you want to buy sapphires you can visit our workshop and book a consultation to speak to one of our gemologists and jewellery designers about the natural sapphire that we have for sale. You can call us on (02) 9689 3396 and speak to one of team of gemstone experts, or use our online contact form by clicking here.


Overall, it is easy to say that as demand for high-quality gems, including sapphires, exceeds supply, these beautiful gems available in a rainbow of colours will retain and increase in their value. Colours like Royal blue in the purest colour and clarity and Padparadscha (Sinhalese for “Lotus Flower”) are extremely rare and collectable. You may also see that over time, their value may increase, but if you are purchasing as an investment, you should choose only the highest quality and rarity stones that come with full independent gemological certification. Rare sapphire gemstones are formed between six and eighteen miles beneath the surface of the earth, which means the technical requirements to harvest these beautiful gems, can add to their value. You can find a high-quality royal blue sapphire for sale at Certified Diamond Network, or choose a sapphire or other gemstone in any other colour, and for more information on our sapphires for sale.