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Certified Diamond Network

Uniquely Designed & Handcrafted Halo Diamond Engagement Rings Parramatta, Sydney

Classic Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Designs By Edward Swaab


Unique Contemporary Custom Designs Epitomise The Halo Style Engagement Rings From The Certified Diamond Network

Halo style engagement rings are the perfect fit for anyone who desires that instantly recognisable bling. Whether you’re considering an under halo engagement ring or prefer the sparkle of a cushion halo engagement ring, make Certified Diamond Network your first port of call. With a broad array of options, from emerald cut to more intricate cuts, we can create the perfect halo ring design no matter what your style is. We design halo engagement ring pieces in platinum, gold and silver with diamonds, sapphires or other gems tailored to your unique specifications. Celebrate love with one that’s just for you with one of our stunning unique halo engagement rings

Halo cut engagement rings are perfect for anyone looking to make a statement. Your selected stones are set in the metal of your choice; 18ct rose, or yellow gold, with platinum being the most popular choice. Designed to appear elegant yet intricate, our cushion cut halo engagement rings are the ultimate show-stopping accessory for all kinds of occasions. With a simple, yet thorough customisation process, you’re able to choose any detail to make a Certified Diamond Network halo engagement ring uniquely yours, from the diamond size and cut to your metal choice.

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Halo Ring

Commission Edward Swaab To Design & Handcraft A Halo Diamond Ring Of Pure Distinction & Class

Halo diamond engagement rings are a classic antique style, and women love to wear them because they symbolise femininity and elegance. These visually stunning unique halo engagement rings epitomise everything one should desire in their engagement ring—be it old-world traditional beauty or an edgy modern design. The incomparable simplicity of an emerald halo engagement ring speaks volumes all on its own. Our under halo engagement ring designs are better suited to larger gemstones set in precious metal and accompanied by delicately set diamonds around the band. Whatever your preference may be, our team can craft a halo ring design piece for you that will last a lifetime and beyond.

If round cut halo engagement rings are too common for your liking, consider something more modern—like our cushion cut halo ring or the beautiful emerald halo engagement ring.

From A Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Ring To An Exquisite Oval Diamond Ring With Halo, Our Handmade Designs Will Amaze

At Certified Diamond Network, we strive to bring you the best in exquisite halo style engagement rings. The elegant shape of the pear halo engagement ring accentuates the centre stone beautifully, making it stand out from a size perspective compared to other engagement styles or wedding rings. Halo ring designs are made in many different metals: platinum, gold or silver. This makes halo settings very versatile and perfect for any bride-to-be who wants to reflect their style! We have a fantastic selection of oval halo engagement rings that are perfect for making a statement.

Want something more unique? An oval halo ring is often chosen as it provides more visual size than many other diamond shapes, not to mention being more cost effective than the round brilliant. The halo engagement ring style has been around for a long time and continues to be a favourite today because it offers an impressive look while still being simple enough to wear every day when designed correctly. The centre stone sits within the basket head on top of the band, making this style very comfortable and secure. The double halo oval engagement ring is another variation in which two rows within the frame encircle the central stone.

To view our pear halo engagement ring and oval halo ring collection in person, visit our studio at Parramatta, NSW, today!

View Unique Halo Engagement Ring Creations At Our Parramatta Studio Near Sydney

Unique cushion cut engagement rings are designed to be more than just an expression of love but a cherished heirloom for generations. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. We want everyone who walks into our studio to leave feeling confident about their purchase, which is fully backed by our satisfaction guarantee! Get the most competitive prices in uncompromising qualities on unique cushion cut engagement rings at your trusted jewellery studio in NSW – Certified Diamond Network. Don’t miss out on our cushion cut halo engagement rings not to mention many other options!

Arrange A Consultation With Edward Swaab For A Stunning Bespoke Custom Double Halo Engagement Ring Commission

Quality & honesty is the strength of Certified Diamond Network, so we never cut corners. With one of the best jewellery designers here in Australia to give you top-quality double halo oval engagement ring collections. The double halo engagement ring features two fine plates of metal that are symmetrically positioned around the centre diamond. Purchase a double halo ring today!

Through our years of experience, we know engagement rings are the most important and one of the biggest jewellery purchases you’ll make. That’s why at Certified Diamond Network, each double halo ring is crafted to reflect your unique design sensibilities and cultivated passions. We also give forethought into making sure wedding rings can fit perfectly with it.

We promise you will not find more delicately designed emerald cut halo engagement rings anywhere else in Australia. From soft hues of rose gold or yellow gold to neutral white or Platinum, our selection of rose gold halo engagement rings are everything you could desire. Our Rose gold halo engagement rings are beautifully crafted with the very best aesthetically sourced diamonds. In contrast, the simplicity and beauty of a plain halo diamond engagement ring paired with your choice of halo setting running around it for an elegant look that emits energy, happiness, love, purity,  as well as perfection.

Our focus on gemstone set-style rings is to make the most of your stone’s brilliance and source unparalleled diamond cuts to compliment the overall beauty of the piece. Our heirloom double halo engagement rings are sure to make a statement and are a popular engagement ring trend. View our collection of round halo engagement rings online or visit our Parramatta studio for an exclusive viewing alongside expert advice and impartial guidance.

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Questions & Answers

Halo Engagement Ring Faqs


Halo engagement rings feature a centre stone to provide an elegant and sizeable look, but they’re also very durable and budget-friendly when a big stone is out of reach. For these reasons, the halo ring design has become one of the most popular options for anyone looking for a standout piece that will be complimented by a wedding ring.  The most common styles are round cut halo engagement rings or oval diamond rings with halo. A typical halo diamond engagement ring is usually set with diamonds all the way around. Still, some unique halo engagement rings are set with gemstones like sapphires and rubies.

The double halo engagement ring represents eternity, symbolising love and commitment. Emerald cut halo engagement rings are perfect for those looking for a more subdued style of diamond jewellery contrasted by a bright surround.

Emerald cut halo engagement rings are so unique because they feature emerald-cut stones in addition to brilliant round cuts. With square halo engagement rings, small diamonds need to be carefully selected to create tight packing around the center stone.

Round halo engagement rings are a classic choice that are truly timeless. With rings in platinum and white gold, round and cushion cut halo rings will be your next go-to jewellery purchase even for more occasional statement pieces. Check out our cushion cut engagement rings no halo collection as well!


The price of a halo diamond engagement ring from us can range from $5000 for a small, simple halo ring design to over $25000 for larger and more complex halo designs. Different factors affect the price, such as size, style, and quality of the stone.

Certified Diamond Network is a jewellery studio that strives to offer unparalleled service and one-off bespoke jewellery of the highest quality in Australia. We provide our customers with certified gemstones, and halo cut engagement rings at competitive prices backed by an industry-leading jewellery designer. Our inventory ranges from cushion cut engagement rings no halo to oval halo engagement rings (as well as many other styles).


Halo diamond rings are popular among couples that aren’t afraid to show off. With a pear-shaped halo engagement ring, the diamond is surrounded by dazzling smaller diamonds framed on all sides with an aura of brilliance.

In addition, to cushion cut halo engagement rings, square halo engagement rings are also a classic option! The most common styles are the round cut halo engagement rings and then oval diamond ring with halo. A typical halo diamond engagement ring is usually set with diamonds all the way around. Still, some unique halo engagement rings can also be set with gemstones like sapphires and rubies or other gemstones. Please contact us for a vast array of styles, including emerald cut and cushion halo engagement ring!