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Garnet Gemstones: Garnet Stone Price, Professional Identification & Garnet Brokerage Service

Moderate Hardness With A Beautiful Vitreous Lustre


Buy Garnet Gemstones While Receiving Expert Gemologist Advice At The Certified Diamond Network

The number of garnet gemstone varieties is genuinely outstanding, from red garnet and the extremely rare green garnet gemstone to vivid purple hue with red flashes found in the famous purple garnet mined in Mozambique. There is a vast selection of garnet gemstones in different shades and colours to choose from at the Certified Diamond Network. We can guide you through the garnet gemstone buyer’s journey if you are looking for genuine loose garnets for sale.

Garnet is a mineral that comes in many varieties and colours. It’s one of the most common minerals found globally, and garnets can be found all over the world! However, don’t be fooled, some varieties of garnet stones are scarce, such as Tsavorite and Demantoid, and the garnet stone price is determined mainly by carat size and the colour of the garnet gemstone. Widely used in jewellery, lower quality garnet gemstones are often cut into cabochons as beads or inlay work for fashion jewellery. If you want to buy garnet gems and secure the best possible garnet gemstone price via our unique brokerage service, we would love to help. We also hope our vast selection of custom made garnet jewellery inspires you to consider commissioning a bespoke piece of garnet stone jewellery crafted by our master jewellers.

Receive expert advice on your next garnet gemstone purchase with the Certified Diamond Network. We guarantee you will not be disappointed and receive personalised service from an experienced gemologist, while securing the best garnet stone price in Australia and ensuring that you purchase only a top-quality garnet stone from verifiable and certified sources.

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Tsavorite Garnet Push Ring

Garnet Stone Buyers Guide

Looking for a garnet stone for sale? Garnet is one of the most beautiful gemstones, and these bright garnet gems are perfect for everyday wear and quite hardy. Their understated elegance will complement your evening attire just as well as a more glittery or dramatic look. The deep purple hue of purple garnet speaks of maturity while still coming across with a youthful flair, fitting for a modern woman.

The colour characteristics of garnet gemstones are determined by intensity and colour saturation.  Understanding the unique intensity and saturation of each garnet stone must be examined by exposing the stone to natural light and artificial lights. Vibrant hues vary from green garnet stone to blue garnet depending on what minerals they’re mixed with. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our garnet gemstone experts if you want the best garnet stone price points for each of the different varieties available at the Certified Diamond Network!

  • Garnets come in a spectrum of colours but can also be found in green garnet or blue garnet. Because red garnet and orange garnet, the most popular colours, are readily available, the cost of more uncommon types is expected to rise as colour popularity grows.
  • Grossular Garnet is the garnet mineral that shows the broadest range of colours.
  • Cut is the main factor to consider, affecting the beauty of garnets like all gems, and these valuable stones can be judged on the same parameters as diamonds in unlocking their full potential with regard to proportion, polish & symmetry.
  • Garnet gemstones are well known for their lack of inclusions, which give each gemstone a wonderful transparency and life.
  • Try to select a cut that disperses light equally over the gemstone’s entire surface, with no windowing. This will aid in highlighting the overall beauty and colour of the garnet.

No matter which variety of garnet stone you choose, keep in mind that the garnet is known for its toughness and colour intensity, so your investment will have great sentimental value and withstand time.

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Where Do Garnet Gemstones Come From In The World?

Garnet gemstones can be found all across the world, with Brazil being one primary source. Pyrope garnets also come from there, but Almandite is sourced in various regions, including India and Sri Lanka.

Spessartine mineralogy also extends its range far beyond just one country – it appears in many parts of Africa alongside China’s Kenya territory or even Madagascar, where last but not least, Grossularite is mined.

Metamorphic rocks are the most common source of garnets, and some occur in igneous rocks, specifically granites and granitic pegmatites. Clastic sediments and sedimentary rocks are occasionally found to contain garnets derived from such metamorphic rocks. Find valuable information about pyrope garnet price and rhodolite garnet price only at Certified Diamond Network.

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How Garnet Stone Identification Works

Garnets do not just come in one colour. Instead, they can be identified by their spectrum of colours, and if the stone has hints of orange or other earthy tones – this is likely to be a loose garnet stone. However, garnets sometimes have purplish secondary hues, making them difficult to distinguish from rubies without scrutiny. Clarity and size is generally a tell tale sign. Another way you could tell your garnet apart from another type would be by examining its Mohs Hardness Scale rating. For the best purple garnet price, visit Certified Diamond Network today!

Garnet Gemstones Come In An Array Of Different Colours

Looking for garnet stone jewellery in a different array of colours? Garnets come in various vibrant colours and have many names. Some people even think that all garnets are the same, but there are many types:

  • Tsavorite Garnet (Green or Emerald Green)
  • Merelani (Mint Green)
  • Pyrope (Brilliant Red)
  • Spessartite (Orange)
  • Mahenge (Pink to peach)
  • Demantoid (Green)
  • Andradite Garnet (Black)
  • Grape or Purple Garnet
  • Rhodolite garnet (Violet red)
  • Mozambique (Red)
  • Colour Changing Garnet (Blue garnet or Green garnet to Red garnet)
  • Malaia (Brown to Pink)
  • Umbalite (Light Violet Red)
  • Hessonite Garnet or Cinnamon Stone (warm, yellow to reddish tone)
  • Almandine garnet (Deep Red, Purple)

You can find garnets in almost every hue, from yellowish browns to deep purples with hints of red – nearly black pieces exist too! There isn’t much information about the rarer types, such as the elusive green garnet gemstone and blue garnet stone.

The most popular variety for jewellery makers are the ones you’re likely thinking about: pink or red garnet gemstone with orange ends that change colours depending on how they move under different lighting conditions. Pyrope gemstones are the most popular of this group, and it’s easy to see why: the name translates to “flame,” which aptly describes its deep red hue. Red pyrope garnet stones offer an affordable way to express your natural sense of style and taste.

We believe in setting ourselves apart from the rest, and we can help make your dream gemstone a reality. Our gems are sourced with skill and care, with our favourite variety (Tsavorite) producing green undertones that many would confuse with the highest quality Emerald. The green garnet stone ranges in colour from light green to deeper saturation and can be found in many spectrums of intensity. These rare gemstones vary in price, and their green garnet gemstone price points depend on size, colour, and clarity.

Are you looking for something unique like a red pyrope garnet stone for sale? Unique red shade, clean round cuts, this red garnet stone makes for excellent everyday wear. If you’re looking for an impressive, inexpensive stone, these garnets are perfect! Find out more about this gemstone here at our website, where you can also purchase your garnets at an affordable pyrope garnet price point! Drop by our shop for the best red garnet stone collections and one-on-one attention.

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Garnet Gemstones Are 100% Natural, Not Heat Treated.

Garnet gemstones are 100% natural, not heat treated. Of course, there’s a lot of variety in garnets, but some general qualities apply to all types that we’ll mention here. The perfect addition to any accessory wardrobe, garnet gemstones are always in fashion. These gems stand out throughout all seasons, from earrings and rings that invoke beauty to necklaces that show off your outfit both day and night. Indulge your loved ones with these stunning pieces featuring the luxurious style of garnet stones!

Bite into the rich taste of nature with our stunning purple garnet stone! This purple garnet stone is extraordinarily durable and provides all-around brilliance in any situation, whether casual or formal events. Talk to our team and get the best purple garnet price.

The Importance Of The Garnet Stone Cut

The importance of the garnet stone cut quality is an often overlooked detail with most of the options in the market. Usually, garnet gemstones are cut commercially for weight retention in a manner that maximizes the return on investment. Rare raw garnet stones are more so fashioned to retain their weight and colour, so they’re usually not proportioned well because in doing so they sacrifice more of their original form. There is no standard process involved with cutting them, which alters how well they reflect light, directly impacting visual quality.

Garnet Gemstone Clarity Is Always Dependent On The Variety

Garnet gemstones are generally transparent and exhibit a glassy lustre. Most garnets show excellent clarity due to the lack of inclusions. Still, some orange varieties can have lower levels of transparency because they may include slight imperfections that create what we call asterism (the star effect). With an exceptional-looking garnet colour, the rough, naturally cut garnet stones are perfect for any collection. Get hands-on with us today and view our exclusive collection for unmatched garnet gemstone price points!

Beautiful Varieties Of Garnet Stone For Sale At Cdn With Expert Advice – Contact Us Today!

Are you looking to buy garnet online? Certified Diamond Network offers a fantastic selection of garnet stones for sale with expert advice. Please contact us here or call on (02) 9689 3396 to discover more about the most pleasing alternatives, as well as schedule a personal gemstone examination in our Parramatta studio.

Questions & Answers

Natural Garnet Stone FAQs


Demantoid garnet is the rarest and one of the most costly of all coloured varieties. It has an incredible brilliance, making for a beautiful green garnet stone in any setting! The most common place to find this natural garnet stone or Demantoid garnet is from Russia – where their unique horsetail patterning inclusions distinguish them within byssolite crystals (a type of Quartz). Looking for green garnet stone price points that you can afford and represent wonderful value? Reach out to Certified Diamond Network today!


Garnet birthstone is the perfect present for your January-born love! These beautiful red gems represent the birthstone of those born this month—the rich hues of the garnet birthstone range from deep blood or burgundy to softer, muted shades. Besides just a symbol of purity and sincerity, garnet also stands as a shining example of commitment and constancy. Garnet’s enduring beauty makes it perfect for crafting jewellery that celebrates everlasting love.


Garnet is a naturally occurring mineral that is an excellent gemstone (with industrial purposes) for sharpening knives. A natural garnet stone that’s uncut looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie with its 12 sided shape and pronounced angles (it’s officially known as the rhombic dodecahedron), ranks between 6.5 – 7.5 on the Mohs Scale.


You may have seen some of these stones in jewellery and wondered if they were real. That’s because a natural garnet stone is known for its rich, saturated colours and large sizes that set them apart from other gemstones! If you’re looking from the side or pavilion of the garnet stone with light hitting it at just the right angle, you might be able to make out hints of orange or earthy tones-other than pure red – which can be a good indicator.

Be aware of synthetic garnets, stones that are grown using a method called Flame Fusion. Their appearance is such that they resemble natural garnet gemstones. The chemical properties of the synthetic garnets will be the same as those of the natural stone, and they will have a similar hardness, density, and appearance to natural garnet gems.


The most valuable gemstone variety in this family is Tsavorite, particularly in 2ct+ material, and we are able to find those loose garnets for sale. The colour of raw garnet stones can vary dramatically, and the variety directly impacts scarcity. They range from around $100 per carat for small, inclusions-laden gems all the way up to about 10,000 dollars in rare varieties when they’re large enough without any flaws at all! The Demantoid & Tsavorite variety, which has green tones, tends to be near top-end pricing because those particular colours aren’t found among other types or qualities.

Whether you’re looking for just stone as a gift, or to be worn and made into a piece of jewellery, loose garnet stones are a perfect choice. They come in many shades and colours so that they will fit any wardrobe!