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Welcome to my first jewellery design and handcrafting blog. My name’s Edward and I’m excited to share my knowledge with you. In the past, this information has been reserved for my private clientele.

Before I talk about my first subject, I think it’s very important to qualify and introduce myself, so you get a good idea of the experience behind my comments.

I am an award-winning jewellery designer and master jewellery craftsman with 40 years of experience. As a master craftsman, I have passionately pursued my desire to design all types of jewellery with a cutting edge of design uniqueness and producing handcrafted pieces to world class standards and qualities.

Now, it would be impossible for me to make you an overnight jewellery expert, so let’s look at the most important issues one step at a time that you are going to face as a consumer. It doesn’t matter what type of jewellery, or for what occasion you are buying a piece of jewellery. It could be an engagement ring, wedding bands, an anniversary, a gift, or just simply spoiling yourself. This knowledge will change the way you think about jewellery qualities and values forever. Now, let’s take a look at the subjects I am going to cover; I think it will be easier to digest if I separate the subjects below into categories, and blogs. If you like the first installment, stay tuned for the following subjects as they need to be combined to give you the full picture.

  1. The difference between one-off bespoke jewellery designs and the impersonal mass market retail store approach.
  2. What is handcrafted jewellery anyway, and why is it superior?
  3. What

The best way to buy a diamond can be very confusing if you’re new to all of this, which most guys are when searching for their engagement. Technology & the internet have really changed the ways in which diamonds can be bought & sold. Where & how you buy is going to have a major impact on the quality of diamond you can get for your budget, as well as your overall diamond buying experience. Three of the most popular methods of buying diamonds are through a;

  • Jewellery Retail Store
  • Online Diamond Wholesaler / Broker
  • Diamond Broker with Jewellery Studio & Workshop

Each method of buying offers a completely different experience and we’ve outlined this in a bit more detail below…

Jewellery Retail Store

Jewellery Retail Store

Let’s start with a traditional retail jewellery shop… With all of the associated expenses of opening the doors daily, high rent, staff, stock, and many other overheads, as you might suspect, this is going to be the most expensive way to buy a diamond and piece of jewellery.

To compete with the other methods of purchasing a diamond, jewellery retailers often carry uncertified stock or EGL certified diamonds, where grading detail can be 2-3 grades lenient of actual quality. So you think you’re getting a great deal on a G colour / VS2 clarity stone when in actual fact it could very well be a J colour / Si2 clarity. Not so great value anymore.

While you will pay the most for the ‘retail’ experience, it does offer its advantages as you’ll be able to see and try on stock, as well as purchase immediately. Insist on an Independent Valuation from a member of the National