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When you love what you do, that passion is contagious.

It’s that passion that drives us to relentlessly…


Carl and Edward will take you on a journey…

A journey you’ll want to repeat, many times over.

Find out what it means to work with true experts in their field; what a piece of jewellery should be all about.


How It All Started

Handcrafting Hammer Action

When I look back at all the romance and joy my creations have brought to thousands of couples, I can’t believe it almost never happened…

From early childhood I would spend hours dreaming up magical ideas; sketching, painting, and sculpting the things that fascinated me.

It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I stumbled across an article in a magazine about jewellery design with amazing images of cutting edge designs, I don’t know how to explain it, but it was definitely a “light bulb” moment, and that’s when things changed.

I was so excited by the idea that I could imagine an object, design it, and then create something out of nothing. Just an idea, I was captivated.

The next step was to find an apprenticeship and I was surprised to get a job offer very quickly.

When I arrived for my first day at work, I was told there was no longer a job for me and when I asked “why?”, the answer I got hit me like a brick; I was told that because I was left handed I would never make a good jeweller and that I should look for another career. Apparently, all jewellery tools were made for right handers, all my dream’s crushed.

After a day or two of questioning my dreams, and more importantly, who could tell me what I was capable of, I became even more determined and went out looking for my apprenticeship, only to realise that all the jobs were taken for that year. That was set back number two.

This obstacle had no impact on my determination; I found a job as a storeman in a Jewellery Supply Company, saved all my earnings, built a jewellery work bench and purchased some tools to set up my own workshop at home in my bedroom.

After a year of researching and crafting rings totally by hand with a very modest and limited set of tools, I was ready to find my start in the jewellery world – whatever it took.

As it turns out, my early disappointment was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was the only young hopeful to arrive at an interview with a small but impressive portfolio of rings that I designed and handcrafted. This led me to being chosen as an apprentice in one of Sydney’s leading jewellery workshops, a moment that changed my life forever.

After four years of training, I finished my apprenticeship and was awarded apprentice of the year, my first wonderful career achievement.

Today I look back over my 43 year career as an award-winning jewellery designer and master craftsman and realise that I have the same passion and drive for the magical world of designing and creating pieces of enduring beauty that become a part of people’s lives, what a privilege.

Every jewellery piece that leaves our crafting studio has to be perfect and contain the love and passion that our clients have for each other, it’s that simple.

I am always excited to meet with new clients and create an amazing piece that is designed just for them, something that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of being able to create many different engagement rings, wedding rings, and other unique designs of jewellery. We have used a wide variety of different precious gemstones, including coloured diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and much more. You can see some of the feedback we have received from our customers over the years on our testimonials page, and we guarantee that we will work tirelessly to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied.

If you would want to go on a magical experience with Carl and Edward and create a unique piece of jewellery that you will love, contact us today using our online form or call us on Tel: 02 9689 3396.

–  Edward Swaab.

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