About Us

Welcome to the Certified Diamond Network. We are proud to offer you an unbiased brokerage service and diamond consulting of white and fancy colour diamonds in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in finding the most visually beautiful gemstones, including the very rare, pink Argyle diamonds. Many try to imitate our unique blend of expertise, but fall short. As unbiased diamond brokers, award-winning jewellery designers, and creators of 100% handcrafted jewellery in our very own workshops in Sydney, we can expertly guide you through each step of your journey.

Sydney Diamond Broker – Your Industry Insider

It’s not a secret, to be the best at what you do you need relentless passion, an eye for detail, and years of hands-on experience. Mix this with a philosophy of providing transparent information, straight forward diamond consulting and education, and truly working on our client’s behalf to provide handcrafted jewellery of uncompromising visual beauty and cut quality standards, and you have world-class diamond brokers in Sydney. This means that it is not acceptable to simply show you one white or fancy colour diamond, as many do, we will look at 85% of the inventory in Australia, including rare pink argyle diamonds, if we need to as a starting point. With our expertise, we then fine-tune literally hundreds down to our final pick of three or four that we consider to be within the top 10% of raw crystal transparency, light performance, and visual beauty. We then meet with you for an obligation free diamond engagement or wedding ring consultation and take you on a very interesting and valuable viewing of loose diamonds and engagement ring designs in Sydney that will open your eyes to the most beautiful white, fancy and pink Argyle diamonds the world has to offer.

Award Winning Designer

Ask for a design consultation when you are selecting your white or fancy colour diamond. This does not mean just looking at cut out photos and second hand pictures or copied drawings, anyone can do that. This means sitting down with an award-winning wedding ring and engagement ring designer who can actually create a diamond solitaire engagement ring design with you while taking you through a creative and enjoyable design process.

100% Handcrafting

We also know that there are many diamond brokers in Sydney and online that claim that the engagement ring they are providing for you is ‘handmade’. In our 50 years’ experience this usually indicates mass or semi-mass production, which simply means that the whole engagement or wedding ring has been cast, or parts of the ring have been cast and then assembled. Compared with truly handcrafted jewellery, this is a definite compromise in build quality and security of your precious white, pink argyle diamond or fancy colour stone. 100% handcrafted jewellery has always and will always ensure and provide the very best gold density and quality with far superior malleability.

People that have become our clients Australia-wide know if they’re looking for uncompromising quality and straight up advice, we are the go to Industry Insider for honest diamond consulting and education. To you the consumer, this is invaluable. We are one of the very few, ‘all-in-one’ companies that specialise in providing an unbiased brokerage service, diamond education and advice, award-winning jewellery designers, and world-class handcrafted jewellery, including diamond solitaire engagement rings. We are relentlessly passionate about sourcing the most visually beautiful stones the world has to offer and proudly invite you to put us to the test… Please read the 3 key points below.

Fact: Did you know that only a 15% handcrafting content is considered in Australian standards to be enough to call or title a piece of jewellery ‘Handmade’? Don’t be embarrassed to ask about seeing the handcrafting process, it is always a pleasure for us to have you see any stage of the diamond solitaire engagement ring in our Sydney studio; our 100% handcrafted jewellery is created personally for you.

So Just To Re-Cap…

  • This is our passion, not just a job. Our mission is to find you the perfect white, pink argyle diamond, or fancy colour stone with uncompromising and unbiased ethical standards and service.
  • We are award-winning engagement ring designers and diamond brokers in Sydney; we create new one-off rings every week.
  • We 100% handcraft all our diamond solitaire engagement rings & custom made jewellery in our Sydney studios to world-class standards, without exception.
  • You receive a fully independent grading report with your selection of white, pink argyle diamonds or fancy colour stones.
  • Also on completion of your diamond solitaire engagement ring you will receive a fully registered and independent valuation for insurance and identification purposes from the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (www.ncjv.com.au). This service is available to all items of jewellery upon request.
  • We offer a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee, including your purchase of diamonds or gemstones and the finished engagement or wedding ring.
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Materials and Craftsmanship and Service Policy.

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