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Unique Three Stone Engagement Ring Design: Exquisite Custom Trilogy Engagement Rings

Custom 3 Stone Engagement Ring Designs By Edward Swaab


An Exceptional Collection Of Unique Trilogy Engagement Ring Designs For Our Sydney Clientele

This elegant trilogy emerald cut diamond ring setting features three diamonds, each set in an individual prong to create the perfect balance of comfort and lustre, all framed with sparkling emerald cut diamonds to complete this work of art.

A truly show-stopping 3 diamond engagement ring and an intimate symbol of love, this rose gold three stone engagement ring is handmade by expert jewellers using bespoke diamond stones displayed atop its beautiful rose gold band setting. Get ready to fall in love with your new pairing! Buy a 1 carat trilogy diamond ring and enjoy exclusive designs made for you!

Looking to buy a sapphire and diamond trilogy ring? The deep, rich blue of this 3 stone sapphire and diamond ring is a bespoke sight with the bright sparkle of two smaller diamonds that lay beside it. Find the sapphire and diamond trilogy ring, finished with a platinum or white gold band and handset with GIA-certified stones only at Certified Diamond Network.


Wonder With Astonishment At Edward Swaab’s Stunning Trilogy Engagement Ring Designs

Three beautiful stones in one. Here at Certified Diamond Network, no two rings are crafted the same in a trilogy diamond ring so that you can customise every facet of your design experience. Our expert craftsman will help you create unique 3 stone ring designs that best fit your individuality, from metal type to stone selection.

These trilogy rings for sale are not your typical fine jewellery pieces that go unnoticed! Fine jewellery takes time, and our master jeweller has perfected this process over his 43-year career of crafting excellence. Edward Swaab is dedicated to creating expertly crafted jewellery for clients who want their 3 stone engagement ring designs made with precision, expertise, and unparalleled customer service.

Set with a 1-carat round centre white diamond accentuated by two small round blue sapphires, this sapphire and diamond trilogy ring is a timeless symbol of eternal love that will make someone special very happy. Buy a 3 stone sapphire and diamond ring before stock runs out!

Our Handmade Three Stone Engagement Ring Are Crafted To Perfection

The engagement ring is probably the most important piece of jewellery that a woman will ever wear. Cherish your love for years to come with a handmade three diamond engagement ring from Certified Diamond Network. A 3 stone engagement rings feature not one, not two, but three stones set on each side of the shank. The beautiful symmetry of the three stones combined with a harmonious blend of colours, cuts, and gemstones are hard to beat. If you’re looking for unique 3 stone ring designs that will stand out from the rest, try this distinctive oval trilogy engagement ring that’s guaranteed to please your partner. A duo of shimmering white diamonds surrounds the diamond centre stone giving it more depth and shine than any other jewel! Or, if you want something more classic, an emerald cut trilogy diamond ring is an excellent option as it produces that unmistakable hall-of-mirror effect, while its elongated shape generates an angular geometric pattern.

At Certified Diamond Network, we’ve made it easy for you to find the perfect custom-designed 3 stone engagement ring by creating an exceptional collection of beautiful and stylish trilogy diamond engagement rings and wedding rings in elegant cuts and colours that will suit any style. View our three stone engagement rings today!

View An Unrivalled Collection Of Unique 3 Stone Engagement Ring At Our Parramatta Studio By Appointment Only

Engagement ring designs are a dime a dozen, but these 3 stone diamond ring collections, including the 3 stone oval engagement ring and three stone emerald cut engagement ring, gives the style of extraordinary, timeless elegance that is usually difficult to come by – which is why they’re sure to be perfect for one lucky bride-to-be.

Our handcrafted, three diamond engagement ring designs are designed to last forever and crafted with care and attention to detail by master craftsmen out of solid sterling silver or white palladium gold on request. You will just love looking at these captivating 3 stone engagement ring creations! One elegant three stone ring is just the perfect embodiment of trendsetting sophistication. Explore our sparkling 3 stone emerald cut diamond ring collections today!

Arrange A Free Consultation With Edward Swaab To Commission A Bespoke Trilogy Engagement Ring Design

The quality and attention paid to three stone engagement rings created by Edward Swaab ensure you will be wearing the kind of timeless piece that will not go out of fashion for many years to come. However, to assure your trilogy diamond ring’s utmost quality and exclusivity, he would require entrusting our clients to provide them with their thoughts and ideas before giving them any preconceived options or unique 3 stone ring designs. This ensures that all clients’ visions are interpreted into fully original products which symbolise something both enduring and symbolic in their day-to-day lives.

At Certified Diamond Network, we have bespoke options available for a 3 stone engagement ring. The choice is yours, whether you want a beautifully crafted 1 carat trilogy diamond ring with a unique stamp on it or a gorgeous bespoke digital print. You can choose your desired metal type, width or thickness, and setting.

We are always happy to ask questions about your desired bespoke trilogy diamond ring designs over the phone by calling us at (02) 9689 3396 or emailing us via email It may even be possible to set up an online appointment on our contact page.

Questions & Answers

Three Stone Engagement Ring FAQs


The 3 stone diamond ring is a trendy choice for engagement rings. This type of diamond ring has not one but three diamonds set horizontally in a row. The band that holds the centre diamond and two side diamonds can be silver, yellow gold, or platinum, depending on your preference. A 3 stone diamond ring comes in many different styles and colours, including the three stone emerald cut ring and the classic three stone oval engagement ring, which are excellent for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions. Visit Certified Diamond Network for the GIA-certified 3 diamond engagement ring collections!


There is no limit to how many stones an engagement ring can have, and it all depends on your personal preference. Trilogy diamond engagement rings are a vital part of an emerging jewellery trend. They can be distinguished by the three stones in varying colours and shapes that make up the ring, with one brilliant round diamond on the centre stage and two smaller diamonds on either side. Make a symbolic statement of love with this oval trilogy engagement ring by combining stunning pear-shaped diamonds, rose gold accents, and more. Certified Diamond Network offers a compelling collection of unique 3 stone ring designs that include beautiful combinations of diamonds, emeralds, and other precious gemstones.


An engagement ring is often the most sentimental piece of jewellery a woman will ever receive. If you are looking for an heirloom to pass down, this trilogy engagement ring can be customised with unique 3 stone ring designs, including loose diamonds, emeralds, or sapphires. You can mix and match coloured gemstones or keep them all in one colour family if you want to go monochromatic.


A trilogy diamond ring yellow gold set is composed of three stones arranged in sequence. Traditionally, the first centre diamond in a 3 stone engagement ring represents the past, the second represents the present, and the third symbolises the future.

At Certified Diamond Network, we make sure that the trilogy rings for sale we carve are built to last as long as possible because we want couples to keep enjoying these beautiful mementos for decades after they seal the deal. So whether you’re looking for an anniversary gift or a new addition to your jewellery collection, our huge 3 stone diamond ring selections mean you’ll always find something perfect at Certified Diamond Network.