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Tourmaline Gemstone: Tourmaline Stone Price, Identification, Brokerage Service & Bespoke Tourmaline Jewellery

Compounded with elements such as lithium, aluminium, sodium, iron, magnesium, or potassium this crystalline boron silicate mineral makes tourmaline gemstones truly unique


Identify & Buy Tourmaline Stone With The Expert Team At Certified Diamond Network

They say diamonds are forever. But so are gem tourmalines (when looked after)! Discover the highest quality, tourmaline jewellery in a vast assortment of colours and styles. Certified Diamond Network is your one-stop service for expertly sourced tourmaline gems, grading, brokerage, and bespoke jewellery service. Working with reputable sources from around the globe, we aim to deliver a five-star experience every time!

With decades of gemologist experience identifying natural tourmaline stone and diamonds and many other gems, our experts at CDN have found ways to offer access to the most exclusive tourmaline stone jewellery that is not available anywhere else throughout Australia. With fully certified tourmaline gemstones, unmatched knowledge, bespoke tourmaline stone jewellery designs, and world-class sourcing skills. We have access to the largest inventory in Australia of tourmaline gems, including raw tourmaline crystals, chrome tourmalines, and bicolour tourmalines. The highly rare, beautiful paraiba tourmaline originally discovered in Brazil is considered the most expensive gem tourmaline variety.

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Tourmaline Diamond Drop Earrings

Huge Range Of Loose Tourmaline Stones For Sale At Cdn

Browse our loose tourmaline stone jewellery collection! Found in a myriad of tourmaline colours, our loose raw tourmaline stone options can be cut and polished specifically if needed, as well as integrated into any design. Got a specific cut you desire? Our master craftsman would be delighted to create a tourmaline jewellery piece that is both one-of-a-kind and unique to you. If you want tourmaline jewellery or tourmaline birthstone customised for you, simply visit our website to book an appointment in our showroom today!


Tourmaline Stone Buyers Guide Where In The World Do Tourmaline Gemstones Come From?

Tourmaline gemstones are found in many countries throughout the world, with the rarest mined in Brazil. They are rarely found in nature and  tourmaline occurs when specific conditions are met. One of the fascinating aspects of tourmaline is that no two pieces are alike, and its intrinsic qualities can create a wide range of colours, shades, and cuts. Tourmalines found in granites and granite pegmatites produce the world’s most scarce tourmaline varieties.

If you seek quality investments that are both rare and have excellent innate value, then Certified Diamond Network are the specialists to turn to! We offer certified, polished stones and can also supply rough tourmaline at great prices.

Tourmaline Gemstones Are Available In A Wide Variety Of Exciting Colours

These beautiful gems can be perfect for those who want something a bit different from the traditional diamond. Tourmalines come in many colours and will make a great addition as an accent stone. While many prefer natural tourmaline colours in earthy hues, the intense saturation of black tourmaline and purplish-red tourmaline stones makes an ideal choice for those who want to take their collection up a notch. From dark brown to light coloured stones, we aim to deliver an exceptional range of tourmaline jewellery options, including classic and contemporary styles.

Pink Tourmaline Gemstone

A pink tourmaline stone, or rubellite tourmaline crystal, has a beautiful colour saturation and a brilliant lustre that will impress any collector. This intuitive pink tourmaline stone brings deep comfort, filling you with renewed energy through its beautiful raw pink tourmaline colours. In western astrology, a pink tourmaline birthstone is worn by people born in October and signifies Scorpio’s zodiac sign. Whether a solitary pendant or combined with other gemstones, pink tourmalines make the perfect addition to your high-end fashion jewellery collection! You can’t find a better, more cost effective pink tourmaline price than Certified Diamond Network. Please give us a call or contact us to discuss your needs personally.

Green Tourmaline Gemstone

Want something as unique as a chrome tourmaline? Not just any green – a rare, emerald green tourmaline with extraordinary light-reflecting properties and dispersion. Its rich, deep green colour has a calming energy that promotes peace, serenity, success, and prosperity. Paired with a rose gold setting provides a wonderful tonal combination, creating a striking look.

According to the Gemological Institute of America, green tourmalines can have light, medium, or dark tones. The green tourmaline is one of the most sought-after stones on earth, and for a good reason. The green tourmaline price depends mainly on its clarity and carat weight, and chromium elements produce a tourmaline crystal with a deep green colour. Find the most affordable green tourmaline stone price only here at Certified Diamond Network!

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Blue Tourmaline Gemstone

Are you looking for a blue tourmaline for sale?  Step up your style with these beautiful ocean blue-green tourmaline stones! A blue-green tourmaline, also known as paraiba, is one of the rarest tourmalines there is. Tourmaline crystals carry good energy, such as strength and integrity, which makes our blue tourmaline stones a perfect addition!

How To Understand The Colour Saturation In Tourmaline Stones

The colour saturation in tourmaline stones comes from their mineral group, which causes them to look more or less saturated depending on their chemical makeup. Their colour saturation will depend on the type of tourmaline and how it was cut, so these factors must be considered when inspecting the stone. Its intensity ranges from muted, light pastels to vibrant shades of tourmaline. But its most enduring quality factor is how the colour of the raw tourmaline stone changes with exposure to natural and incandescent light. To better understand the different tourmaline colours, it’s best to speak with a tourmaline specialist from our workshop! All our collections and services are oriented towards tourmaline lovers from around the world. We would love nothing more than to share our passion and knowledge with our discerning customers.

Different Lighting Sources & Dichroism Used For Tourmaline Gemstones

Tourmaline’s colour is determined by light passing through it which causes different wavelengths to scatter differently depending on the crystal structure. This phenomenon is known as dichroism. Tourmaline is a mineral that, in its pure form, can be found in many tourmaline colours. The presence of chromium and copper colours the tourmaline stones. The colour varies from light to dark green, yellowish-green, pink, and brown. Shop our flawless faceted chrome tourmalines today!

Tourmaline Gemstone Cut

Tourmaline is mined from various parts of the world, and some tourmaline crystals are mined directly from their source deposits, called granite pegmatites. The natural tourmaline stone can be cut in oval, pear, cushion, heart-shaped and more. Some readily available tourmaline stones for sale are cut into oval and round. At the same time, you can find custom-cut tourmalines in rectangular shapes with rounded corners and free-form styles of cutting as well.

Size Of Tourmaline Stone Or Carat Weight

Are you looking to buy tourmaline stone? Rough tourmaline price per carat varies greatly depending on the type of tourmaline you’re looking at. For example, the teal tourmaline stone price is higher than a pink tourmaline price, and this is because rough teal tourmalines are rare and harder to find in nature than raw pink tourmaline stones. This tourmaline price per carat is calculated based on current prices on the tourmaline gem market.  If you’re looking for rare tourmaline stones with an exceptional cut in larger sizes, then make Certified Diamond Network your first port of call. Hand selected from thousands of gems for your personal consideration, we’ll find you the very best tourmaline for sale.

Tourmaline Gemstone Price Varies Massively Depending On The Variety & The Quality Of The Tourmaline Stone

Tourmaline is a gemstone with many potentially desirable qualities. There are many different variations to choose from depending on the carat, cut, clarity, and rough tourmaline price per carat you are looking for. Several tourmaline quality factors can be used to examine the grade of tourmaline, with colour being the most crucial. At Certified Diamond Network, we only procure the finest tourmaline gems on the market. With all the fantastic tourmaline colours out there, there is undoubtedly something for everyone’s preference. At Certified Diamond Network, you can also set up an appointment to visit us in person to view large tourmaline examples specifically sourced for you.  Schedule a one-on-one consultation with us today!

Want To Buy Tourmaline Gemstone? Let The Experts At Cdn Help You! Contact Us Or Visit Our Parramatta Studio

With a wide network of large tourmaline suppliers, our experienced tourmaline jewellery designers and on-staff gemologists are here for all your jewellery needs. Not everyone can recognize the value associated with tourmaline quality factors. Therefore, it is essential to be assisted with a fine tourmaline jeweller to navigate your options. By being guided by our tourmaline gem specialists, you can count on us to provide a remarkable shopping experience and advantageous tourmaline gemstone prices, both online and in the showroom.

Questions & Answers

Tourmaline Stone FAQs


Tourmalines vary in colour depending on their chemical composition, which provides a wide range of hue with typically high saturation. Found in shades of pink, blue, cold green, tourmaline crystals can be relatively inexpensive depending on the piece, the colour and clarity. However, paraiba tourmaline, bicolour tourmalines, and chrome tourmalines contain significant impurities that make them more expensive than others.


For centuries, people have associated tourmaline crystals with protective powers because they are believed to protect the wearer from negativity and have spiritual grounding properties. Tourmaline stones are reasonably hard gemstones that can produce pink, blue, teal, and green colours. When combined together in the form of an alternating stone necklace, tourmalines show off different hues complimenting each other beautifully.


Can’t find the right tourmaline colour for you? We’ll help you find what others can’t through our network of trusted trade suppliers. Tourmaline can be found in various colours, but the most desired are blue, green, and pink tourmalines. Our tourmaline gemstone experts recommend green tourmaline as perfect to go with just about anyone’s skin tone and eye colour. Green tourmalines can be found in a variety of colours and shades. However, the highest green tourmaline price is when it has a blue undertone like those found in chrome tourmalines.