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Spinel Gemstones & Bespoke Spinel Gemstone Jewellery

Spinel was only recognized as an individual mineral 150 years ago


Why Is The Spinel Gemstone So Highly Desired?

Spinel is a naturally occurring gemstone that is available in many different colours and is a beautiful gemstone with which most people are not that familiar. At the Certified Diamond Network it has been one of our long standing favorites that we have designed and crafted some amazing pieces for our clients that are one of a kind.

Spinel scores very high on the ( refractive light index- 1.712- 1.762 ) which makes them very bright and vibrant stone, and a hard natural gemstone (Mohs hardness scale – 8 to 8.5), making it perfect for jewellery, and every day wear. It was only classified as a mineral 150 years ago. Previously, it was in the same class as rubies, and an excellent example of this is found in the British crown jewels on the Imperial State Crown. It’s called the Black Prince`s Ruby gem, the red colour is so similar to ruby and is why it was thought to be a ruby. With their hardness and variety of colours, spinel is an excellent choice for jewellery of all kinds, and Certified Diamond Network has plenty of options available. You can select from a beautiful pink spinel ring or other jewellery made with green spinel, red spinel, blue spinel, or many different spinel colours, which there are a lot. For more information on any of our spinel jewellery or the spinel gemstones we have for sale, or to book a consultation, call our team of experts at Certified Diamond Network today on Tel: +61 (02) 9689 3396.

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Natural Purple Spinel Diamond Halo Dress Ring

Spinel Gemstones Come From All Over The World In An Array Of Dazzling Colours

Spinel has become a highly sought-after gemstone in the gem trade and industry, and their beautiful quality crystal form comes in a rainbow of colours from all around the world. You can find high-quality red spinel colours in Afghanistan, blue spinel from Sri Lanka, a black spinel stone from Cambodia, or a pink gem which are found in Tanzania. You can often find these beautiful gems in other countries as well, including Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Madagascar, and Canada, with new deposits always being sought after.

Choosing spinels for your jewellery can be an excellent choice, as when compared to rubies and sapphires, they can be significantly cheaper, but this is not to say they should be viewed as a compromised or lesser choice, and they are also harder and more durable than other alternatives such as Tanzanite and Tourmaline. As well as having plenty of choices available of spinels in a colour that suits you. We also have lots of alternative gemstones that have similar colours and characteristics if you would prefer. To learn more about spinels, and the amazing colour range they are available, you can arrange a viewing in our Parramatta studio or talk to one of our experts and ask your questions by calling us Tel: (02) 9689 3396 or use our online contact form by clicking here.

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Contact Certified Diamond Network Today & Find Your Custom Spinel Jewellery

Whether you are looking for a grey spinel ring or one that is a deep pink colour, Certified Diamond Network has a wide variety of high-quality spinel colours you can choose from, and other gems, perfect for any jewellery. If you would like to book a consultation in our studio in Parramatta or you would like to ask any questions, you can call our team of experts on Tel: (02) 9689 3396, and they will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can send us an email directly at, or use our online contact form, and we will answer your query as quickly as we can. 

You can also follow us on FacebookInstagram, or LinkedIn, to keep up to date with all the latest happenings at Certified Diamond Network, including news, promotions, and special offers. Let us share our passion for excellent customer service, high-quality gems, including spinel, and exquisite handmade jewellery made in our Parramatta workshop. Certified Diamond Network is the award-winning jewellery designers and unbiased gem brokers who can guide you on your journey when looking for brilliant gems and beautiful handmade jewellery.

Questions & Answers

Spinel FAQ's


Spinel is a very tough and hard-wearing gem, so if you are matching it with a suitable hard and long wearing gold like platinum, yellow gold or rose gold to create your jewellery design, then it is up to the task of everyday wear. The gem itself is completely suitable for an engagement ring, anniversary ring or dress jewellery. However, you may wish to have your spinel professionally cleaned now and then, to ensure that it remains in excellent condition, and show’s off it’s beautiful gem qualities. This is no different to all quality jewellery.


Spinels are found around the world, although different regions can be known for specific colours, such as Sri Lanka, which is known for blue spinels. You can find the most significant deposits of spinel in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Nepal, Madagascar, Nigeria, Canada, Tanzania, Tajikistan, and Australia.


Spinel can be extremely valuable, and the value depends on the size and quality and colour of the gem, as well as the depth of colour. This is the general rule for all coloured gemstones. Softer tones and synthetic spinel are often cheaper and prove excellent value for money, and with the spinel hardness, they are excellent for use in jewellery. Quality natural spinel is often confused with the synthetic or man made spinel that are commonly seen in production jewellery or costume jewellery.


There is no month for spinel to be a birthstone; however, you could replace ruby which is the birthstone of July with red spinel birthstone jewellery, and it would be hard for the untrained eye to tell the difference. You could also choose a blue spinel to replace sapphire, which is the birthstone for September.


Apart from use in amazing and unique designer jewellery, there are industrial uses for spinel, and one of the reasons for this is because of its hardness. It is possible to create transparent synthetic spinel which looks like glass but is found to be much stronger, giving it both commercial and military uses. Of course spinel are also produced or manufactured in different colour’s to emulate the real thing for cheaper end costume and dress jewellery.


When looking for a particular colour of spinel, there is a lot of choices available, including red spinel, blue spinel, rose, pink, green, yellow, and just about any other colour you can imagine. Synthetic spinel can come in almost any colour as well, including transparent, but it is not possible to create synthetic purple spinel, although this colour occurs naturally.  The rarest colour is violet, which can also be the most expensive spinels to buy, especially if it is a large gem of excellent quality crystal.


A spinel gem is said to be a stone of hope and is said to have properties that can revitalise a person that wears one. The mineralogy origin of the name is uncertain, perhaps Greek “Spark” or Latin “Thorn”. It is also said to bring fresh energy to your heart, spirit, body, as well as your mind. The black spinel meaning is said to clear out problems and return to an original state, and they are said to have healing powers. That’s a powerful gem indeed however it’s beauty is the real attraction.