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Identify & Buy Ruby Gemstone From The Best

Are you looking to buy a ruby gemstone? The master jewellers at Certified Diamond Network are here to help you find that perfect option. Ruby gemstones are named due to the pure, vibrant, rich shades of red but can also be found in the slightly purplish or pinkish-red colours of natural ruby gemstone. The name “ruby” is derived from the Latin word ruber, which means red. Ruby gemstones are the birthstone for July, and also, of note, natural red ruby gemstones are commonly used in jewellery to mark the significance of a 40th wedding anniversary. It wasn’t until about the 1800s that ruby and sapphire were recognised as belonging to the corundum family of gemstones. Before that time, red spinel and red garnet were also designated as being ruby.

Many alternative jewellery choices use stones with similar colour & visual characteristics to ruby gemstones, but none surpass the beauty of a genuine natural ruby gemstone. If you are interested in purchasing a ruby gemstone or arranging a unique viewing of the abundant selection of our pigeon blood ruby gemstones and Burma ruby gemstones at the Certified Diamond Network Parramatta studio, please call us on (02) 9689 3396 to make an appointment.

Where Are Ruby Gemstones Commonly Found?

Ruby gemstones are found in various countries throughout the world. The most common places include; Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and India, with the earliest record dating back to 200 BC. These countries have been mining for ruby gems in higher production since the 1500s. Interestingly, a Portuguese sailor smuggled red and pink sapphires from Ceylon to Europe under his hat during an ocean voyage!

To help differentiate ruby gemstones from other red coloured gems, independent identification on the natural red ruby gemstone is often performed to confirm it is natural ruby.

High-quality garnets, rubellite, red tourmaline, and spinel can sometimes be confused with loose rubies. There are Siberian rubies, Australian rubies, and rubies are even found in Arizona. The term ruby even appears in the English translation of the Old Testament.

If you are considering purchasing a ruby gemstone and commissioning a custom piece of bespoke ruby jewellery, in that case, we have a vast range of loose ruby gemstones for sale here at the Certified Diamond Network you will not find anywhere else in Australia.

Ruby Buying Guide

Pigeon Blood Ruby Gemstone

The most sought-after colour variation of the ruby gemstone is pigeon blood ruby. The Pigeon Blood Rubies significance is mainly linked to its hue, identical to blood from a freshly slain pigeon. It has a brilliant red colour with a purple tinge that looks deep crimson when viewed in the light. The pigeon blood ruby is highly appreciated worldwide and has a tremendous astrological significance.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Price

Firstly, some diamonds can be rarer than natural pigeon blood red rubies, which is reflected in the price. However, the pigeon red ruby price does attract high value in both the wholesale and auction markets. Pigeon red ruby jewellery value is established by carefully evaluating each stone due to its great rarity and worldwide demand. The colour intensity influences pigeon blood red rubies value in hue, saturation and tone, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

The pigeon blood red ruby price per carat can vary significantly depending on the quality and weight.

  • Colour: The Pigeon Blood ruby value is determined by the intensity of colour and the overall brightness of red ruby stones. Pigeon blood ruby gemstones with intense fluorescence often command a more excellent value than stones with slight or moderate fluorescence producing an intense inner glow.
  • Clarity – Clarity has an impact on the pricing of Blood red rubies. Pigeon Blood rubies are very uncommon and have tiny eye apparent inclusions in most cases. As a result, particularly clean stones will significantly increase pigeon blood ruby prices worldwide in the market and auction houses. The clarity in blood red rubies affects values more than people know, with the majority of Pigeon Blood rubies having a clarity that poor they’re used for industrial purposes. Even clean stones may have slight eye apparent inclusions.
  • Cut: Gem cutters keep a particularly close eye on blood-red pigeon gemstones, and when cutting this high quality rough, the goal is to conserve as much weight as possible. Because it maintains the most weight and is typically heavily included, a pigeon blood ruby cabochon, a non-faceted, polished stone, is usually less expensive than a faceted stone. The value of pigeon blood ruby price rises significantly when proportionately and symmetrically, ideally cut.
  • The cut of Star rubies stones is fashioned in the cabochon technique to achieve a flawless star appearance on the smooth and polished surface of the pigeon blood ruby. Tiny rutile inclusions create this optical effect, giving them a slightly transparent to opaque appearance.’)A well-shaped dome that produces a brilliant and clear star appearance will command a seriously high pigeon red ruby price anywhere in the world.
  • Weight in carats: Rubies of exceptional grade, weighing more than a few carats are extremely rare. As a result, the value of Pigeon Blood Rubies price per carat rises exponentially as the number of carats grows.

Pigeon red ruby prices can be extremely high. You also need to be cautious when purchasing ruby gemstone due to many circulating treated, fracture-filled, synthetic and even counterfeit gemstones. This is why it’s always best to engage with a reputable natural ruby gemstone dealer such as ourselves here at Certified Diamonds Network. It is essential to receive lab certifications to verify the quality of any loose Pigeon Blood Ruby gemstone purchased. Certified Diamond Network is one of the most well-known online retailers of loose ruby gemstones for sale alongside various other types of coloured gemstones. We always provide full laboratory certification for all of our personally critiqued options and choices. Visit our studio in Parramatta, and see first-hand our fantastic hand-selected selection (of pigeon blood ruby gemstones available at the most affordable prices in Australia at Certified Diamond Network. Contact our Customer Support Team to arrange an appointment.

Burma Ruby Gemstone

Burma ruby gemstones are one of the most famous and sought after gems in the world. As you probably guessed, they come from Burma, a country on mainland Southeast Asia formerly known as Myanmar. Burma ruby gemstones have been coveted since ancient times for their rich deep red colour. But Burmese ruby can be found with colours ranging from orange to brownish-red to purplish-black when mixed with other minerals such as iron or iron chromium oxide. If you want to buy Burmese ruby online, please don’t hesitate to call us at the Certified Diamond Network for our latest Burmese ruby price guide.

Burmese Ruby Price Guide

Burma ruby gemstones are one of the most valuable gemstone varieties. Burmese ruby is well-known for its rich red pigeon blood colour, exceptional clarity, and astrological significance. Old Burma rubies are very uncommon and extremely valuable. For example, a 5 carat Burmese ruby price can reach upwards of tens of thousands of dollars per carat.

  • Colour: Rubies are most valuable when they are deep, brilliant red. Because there is no upper limit of Burmese ruby value, these highly unique gems can reach millions of dollars. For example, in 2015, a 25.59-carat Burmese ruby gemstone sold for $30.3 million in Geneva, Switzerland. Even a slight variation in hue from deep red to pink to reddish-brown may substantially reduce the Burmese ruby value. 
  • Clarity: The Clarity of a Burma ruby gemstone does not come without inclusions, growth defects, fractures, and sometimes even material trapped inside the gemstone during its formation. Since finding an eye-clean Burmese ruby is virtually impossible as they are non-existent within the worldwide Burmese ruby market today, inclusions in natural Burma rubies are entirely acceptable. Inclusions are seen as a character-defining feature of each individual Burma ruby gemstone sold. The Certified Diamond Network Burmese ruby price guide for our Burmese ruby range covers every clarity characteristic determined by the location, volume, and kind of inclusions mapped under 10x magnification.
  • Cut: Rough ruby is neither easy to get by nor inexpensive. As a result, considerable care is taken to reduce gem waste when shaping or refining rubies. A round faceted cut Burma ruby gemstone will be more costly than a cabochon ruby if the quality and size are equal.
  • Weight in Carats: Rubies larger than a few carats are very uncommon geologically and significantly impact Burmese ruby price. As a result, the Burmese ruby value of every carat rises exponentially as the number of carats increases. 
  • Treatment: For profiteering, some rubies are treated to increase colour or improve transparency. Burmese ruby that has not been through heat treatment is more valuable than one that has been treated. Gem sellers should certify Burma rubies value, provenance, colour, and clarity to guarantee quality with an accompanying updated Burmese ruby price guide or current market price. 

Burmese rubies are a type of gem that is typically used in jewellery. You can, of course, buy Burmese ruby online, but for the best shopping experience, please consider making a viewing appointment at the Certified Diamond Network studio so you can truly experience our outstanding selection of Burma ruby gemstones.

Natural Ruby Gemstone

Natural Ruby Gemstones are among the most common types of stone known. They have been around since long before we knew they were called natural rubies, and their history dates back to prehistoric times.

Natural ruby is a precious stone known for its deep red colour that only appears in darker hues when exposed to heat and pressure when forming over a longer time; it also shines with an orange-red hue if you look at it from certain angles in the sunlight. The ancient Romans liked natural ruby gemstones because they symbolised power, wisdom, happiness and honesty – all things one needs as an emperor!

Natural Ruby Gemstone

Many quality factors determine the natural ruby price. The ruby gemstone value varies dramatically, even within the same ruby stone type. The cost of ruby stone price is influenced by its origin, colour, clarity, and rarity. To find out more about current natural red ruby gemstone prices, please contact the Certified Diamond Network team.

  • Colour: The colour of natural ruby has a one-to-one relationship with its value. The most valuable hues are dark red or pigeon blood, which commands astronomical value. The price per carat of rubies for sale drops as we go from a deep natural red ruby gemstone to bright red rubies, pink rubies, and purplish-red genuine rubies and less desirable brownish tones.
  • Treatment: Natural ruby gemstones are particularly susceptible to synthetic enhancement since they are so valuable. For wide margins, low-quality rubies are often lead glass filled or heat altered. A natural ruby gemstone is more costly than a synthetic ruby or imitation jewellery. A natural, untreated ruby purchased at a lower value should always be regarded with caution. Yet again, another reason why you should be speaking to the experts at Certified Diamond Network.
  • Clarity: The brightness of light movement and the number of inclusions observed in natural red ruby gemstones are used to determine clarity. Inclusions are nearly always visible but sometimes undetectable in the top end of a genuine jewellery gemstone. Natural rubies with hidden inclusions are very uncommon and thus incredibly costly. For such a natural, inclusion-free ruby gemstone, the value of every carat will be very high.
  • Weight in Carats: A perfect natural ruby gemstone weighing more than a couple of carats is uncommon, even more so than diamonds. As a result, when going from one-carat jewellery to three or four-carat, the value of every carat rose dramatically in the (also known as) Chuni stone and finished jewellery.
  • Cut: The way each natural ruby gemstone is cut may add around 10% to 40% to thevalue of Ruby. The brilliance of faceted cut ruby gemstone has increased prices, and the better the cut, the more stone waste. Facetedjewellery is more expensive than a ruby cabochon for the same grade.


Purchase ruby jewellery at Certified Diamond Network, offering 1-carat rubies in various shapes and sizes at competitive rates. The cost of a one-carat ruby stone price may vary considerably. The value of the stone is determined by first classifying it using the 4Cs.

Some of the bigger rubies have sold for as much as $20,000 AUD per carat. On the other hand, Diamonds sell between $2,500 to $16,000 AUD per carat on average. Ruby gemstones of the $20,000 AUD carat calibre are very uncommon, which makes them even more valuable and sought-after.

In jewellery, the most desired hue of a natural red ruby gemstone is a deep, deep red with blue tints. Pigeon’s blood is the name for this colour. Because ruby is a high quality yet naturally occurring stone, imperfections, sometimes known as inclusions, are anticipated. If the flaw reduces the transparency of the ruby, the value of the stone drops dramatically.

Certified Diamond Network can source the best rubies in the world for you!

If you are looking to purchase ruby gemstone jewellery, please remember Ruby is a stone associated with divine creativity. Ruby gemstones increase strong self-esteem, intuition, and spiritual knowledge while boosting your energy levels. Ruby gemstones also represent good luck, true love, and devotion. Ruby gemstones add energy to your life as an aphrodisiac stone.

Ruby gemstones have been revered by people across the world and different cultures for centuries. The colour of the stone ranges from red to pink, and it can be found all over the world, including Australia, Burma (Myanmar), Africa, India and Brazil.

When one wore this jewel in times of old, they were announcing themselves as part of nobility or royalty because rubies became popular among nobles early on after being introduced to Europe through trade with Asia Minor, which was ruled at different times by either China or Persia/Iran. If you are looking to buy ruby gemstone online, look no further than Certified Diamond Network.

When buying your perfect jewellery, there are various additional variables to consider, but don’t worry; as your broker and unbiased industry expert, we remove the stress and hard work from the equation for customers looking to buy ruby gemstones. Get in contact with us to set up a no-obligation viewing and consultation; we’d be delighted to assist you. There are many options to buy ruby gemstone online, but this can be very risky. That’s our difference; with the Certified Diamond Network, you get the valuable benefit of understanding the entire history of where your natural ruby gemstone was sourced from and having the safe knowledge that your purchase of a ruby gemstone is genuine.

Thailand, Cambodia’s Pailin and Samlout Districts, Burma, India, Afghanistan, Australia, Namibia, Colombia, Japan, Scotland, Brazil, and Pakistan have mined rubies. Lighter rubies (sometimes referred to as “pink sapphires”) are more prevalent in Sri Lanka.

A ruby gemstone is one of the most valuable types of gems, but it’s not always easy to determine its value if inexperienced. The value of every carat increases based on individual rarity and can range from $1,000 AUD up to $20,000 AUD per carat. The cheaper material does not have a specific colour of demand or clarity that dictates whether or not it will be worth more than other stones. However, this also doesn’t mean you should buy any old so-called “ruby stone”! You want to make sure that your purchase reflects an appropriate level for your budget and have peace of mind in the process. Advice from professionals like Certified Diamond Network will help you avoid costly mistakes such as buying fake pigeon blood ruby gemstone at an inflated value without knowing its actual true value.