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Designer Jewellery & Handcrafting

Each diamond ring and piece of jewellery is a unique masterpiece.


Edward Swaab, a name synonymous with uncompromising quality, is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected award winning jewellery designers. His knowledge and reputation for creating timeless, one-of-a-kind, designer jewellery in Sydney are a reflection of his relentless passion for cutting-edge creativity and world-class craftsmanship. Edward is forever on a bespoke design journey with our clients that never ceases to inspire and excite us – why not spoil your partner or yourself with a one-off, Edward Swaab Creation that will be treasured for a lifetime and for generations to come?

Hayley Knezovic

What Our Designer Jewellery Service Means For You…

Let’s give you a brief insight into what makes our design service so incredibly unique and creative, and why people from all over Australia want to work with, Edward Swaab as their personal jewellery designer. You’re personally invited to meet exclusively with Edward in person, or if you live interstate, by phone & email, to discuss all of your ideas and thoughts for your dream jewellery design. ”This is how you create a piece of jewellery that is as unique as you, an embodiment of your style and extension of who you are.” Edward’s ability to interpret all his clients’ thoughts and ideas into a unique and beautiful design is what sets him apart, and why the jewellery pieces he creates attract so much attention and admiration. “I am constantly inspired when I meet with people to discuss their ideas on what would make their ideal piece of designer jewellery. That creative collaboration is where the magic happens.” “Form meeting function” – a catch-cry of Edward’s, is of paramount importance, and is a huge differentiating factor that separates the heirloom pieces we create, from other jewellery seen in the marketplace. Each and every approach to making a piece; handmade or cast, type of metal, build quality width & thickness, the setting style, they all have their pro’s & con’s and this is where Edward’s 44 years’ of experience is invaluable in helping you to decide on the right approach. You’ll very quickly realise, what it’s like to work with a true expert in their field and master of their craft.

We Provide The Following Design And Jewellery Services:

~Obligation free in-house or online design consultation~

~Hand-drawn sketches that perfectly illustrate and translate your design consultation~

~100% handcrafting of your agreed design~

~Leading 3D jewellery design imaging and manufacturing~

~Re-design and remodeling of your existing jewellery~