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Diamond Engagement Rings in Sydney by Master Craftsman, Edward Swaab

If you’re looking for one-off, custom made diamond engagement rings Sydney couples will hold forever, then look no further.

Edward Swaab is an award-winning designer & master jewellery craftsman with over 40 years’ experience. His knowledge, skill, and passion for his craft are second to none and can guide you on an exciting journey to creating your dream gemstone or diamond engagement ring.

The unique engagement rings you’ll find on our website have been inspired by Edward’s ability to listen to his client’s ideas, understand their emotions, and translate these ideas and personal feelings into a handmade engagement ring that will be cherished for generations to come.

It all starts with finding your dream diamond…

Now that you’ve fine-tuned your preferences for your custom engagement ring, it’s time to start searching for your perfect diamond!

As your personal gemstone & diamond broker, we’ll guide you on an educational, hands-on approach to selecting a diamond that is full of life and in the top 10% of light performance.

A ‘WOW’ factor stone that you simply can’t peel your eyes away from. So get in touch with us today to learn what an uncompromising, custom made diamond engagement ring is all about.

Choosing your engagement ring style…

You may have some very specific ideas about your custom engagement ring design, or be completely open to suggestions. Regardless of which category you fit into, we would highly recommend giving us a call or contacting us here to schedule an obligation free appointment. We encourage you to give some forethought to the wedding ring you’ll be wearing with your engagement ring, as this may dictate some of your design choices when creating your preferred style.

  • Solitaire: The solitaire (single stone) style is really where the romantic idea of an engagement ring all started. As diamond is the hardest mineral known to man, it’s an everlasting symbol of the journey a couple will share together. Because it’s all about the one gemstone, this allows for more sculptural form to be achieved and can follow the path of a timeless classic, or be created with an edge of design originality.
  • Solitaire with diamond set band: To create a more delicate and lighter looking solitaire style, a very popular choice is to set small diamonds into the shoulders of the band. A number of diamond shapes can be used in this fashion, as well as approaches to setting styles. If you like this type of design, be very mindful of not letting the smaller stones distract from the main event!
  • Three-stone or Trilogy: This type of design style creates a beautiful diamond look across the finger and can be achieved with a vast combination of different diamond shapes. We recommend deciding on the main center stone first, as this will narrow-down which flanking side-stones are going to compliment your handmade engagement ring design the best.
  • Cluster-Basket or Halo: If you like your ‘bling’, then you really can’t go past the diamond halo engagement ring. This antique inspired style works beautifully with a range of diamond & gemstone shapes and the design possibilities are seemingly endless. One of the things we love about this type of design is the opportunity for personalisation in the basket area that connects the band to the ‘halo’ head-plate; from floral filigree work, to hand saw-pierced artistic personal messages or motifs.