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Loose Pink Diamonds For Sale


Certified Diamond Network has an extensive hand-picked selection of beyond rare, loose pink diamonds for sale that are perfect for a pink diamond engagement ring, or any other type of exquisite designer jewellery. As an investment, pink diamonds make the perfect and highly desirable addition to your collection. Please browse our selection and contact us today for more information, or to view by appointment only. With the diamond mine in Western Australia closing this year, these beautiful diamonds will only increase in value, and these intense pink diamonds will only become rarer. So, if you are keen to answer “where can I find pink diamonds in Sydney” or “how much are pink diamonds worth”, look no further than the experts at Certified Diamond Network and get a diamond quote today.

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Pink Diamonds: What Are These Diamonds & Where Do They Come From?

Diamonds found here in the Kimberly region have an atomic structure that is more complex than diamonds found elsewhere in the world, and it’s this complexity that can lead to plastic deformation in the growth of the crystalline structure (or lattice), which is the cause of the fancy coloured diamonds found at the mine.

Almost 90% of pink diamonds come from the mine in Western Australia, and of all the diamonds that are mined here, only about 5% of them are considered gem quality. Less than 0.05% of these are pink, making these diamond gems extremely rare and unique, also very collectable. Certified Diamond Network sources our gemstones with the highest scrutiny and customer service, focusing on eye-clean clarity as well as intensity of colour within its inherit grade. Couple this with ideally cut loose pink diamonds, and pink diamonds are suitable for engagement rings, eternity rings, earrings, or any other type of jewellery. When you purchase a pink diamond ring or any other type of jewellery showcasing pink diamonds, the value of the gems has been increasing between 10-15% every year since 2005. If you are looking for pink diamonds for sale for a unique engagement ring, custom wedding ring, pendant, earrings, or anything else, come to the best place in Sydney to find fancy coloured diamonds for sale, Certified Diamond Network.

When you browse our selection of loose pink diamonds, and you see a pink diamond for sale, contact us and speak to our jewellery and pink diamond experts. We can help you to design and create a custom handmade designer piece that you will love and cherish, or a family heirloom to be passed on as an investment. Pink diamond jewellery does tend to be more expensive due to the rarity of these fancy coloured diamonds, and their value is only going to increase once the Australian mine closes for good in 2020, and production ceases soon after.

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Speaking to one of the Certified Diamond Network team about these stones, you will see that it is something that we are incredibly passionate about, just as we are with customer service. If you would like to book a consultation or you have any questions that you would like to ask about our pink diamonds, you can call and speak to one of our team of experts on 02 9689 3396, and they will happily assist you. You can also use our online contact form to send us your questions, or send us an email directly at, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. If you would like to keep up to date with all the latest news on our pink diamonds, or other gemstones you can follow us on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn. For the highest quality pink diamonds, rings, and other designer jewellery.

Questions & Answers

Pink Diamonds FAQs


Pink diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds and gemstones available, and the order of rarity is; Red followed by Purplish-Red, Purplish- Pink, Pink, Pink-Rose, then Pink-Champagne. Blue-Violet gems are also scarce, and as with all gemstones, the higher the quality and the bigger the size, the more rare and valuable they are.


Fancy coloured diamonds including pink ones can be expensive, especially if they are of high quality and larger carat weight, and with the mine in Australia closing in 2020, they will only increase in value over time. Once production has stopped, there will be a lot less diamonds of this colour available worldwide, the price is expected to increase significantly.


Certified Pink Diamonds above 0.15ct have steadily increased in value by 10-15% per annum since 2005, which makes them an excellent investment opportunity.


You will still be able to purchase these fancy coloured gems once the mine closes, but as this mine provides almost 90% of these precious gems, there will be a lot less available on the market, meaning the price will increase significantly.


If your budget cannot stretch to these beautiful gems, then there are some alternatives you may wish to consider that are more affordable, but still extremely desirable and beautiful. Some of the alternatives that we would recommend are pink Tourmaline or Morganite for dress jewellery, and for everyday wear pink SapphiresRubies, and Spinels are ideal due to their hardness.