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Sydney's Widest Selection of Unique Marquise Engagement Rings Custom Made In Our Parramatta Studio

Certified Diamond Network’s stunning selection of marquise diamond ring designs in Sydney offers the perfect way of marking any couple’s engagement to be married. A marquise-shaped diamond ring makes for a spectacular piece of jewellery, with the marquise cut representing love, joy, and celebration. We have curated our collection using unique marquise diamond settings to offer lovers of fancy-cut gemstones something less predictable than a traditional round-cut engagement ring to mark their betrothment.

We have designed and handmade an incredible collection of marquise-style engagement rings using the finest precious metals and gemstones available. Our award-winning in-house Sydney custom engagement ring designer has created a display with examples of a simple marquise engagement ring, a 2-carat marquise engagement ring, and a jaw-dropping brilliant three-stone marquise engagement ring that will take your breath away. Each of our marquise engagement rings in Sydney is a one-off piece made at our Parramatta, Sydney, studio.

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Marquise Engagement Ring

Nothing Compares To A Handmade Marquise Cut Engagement Ring Handcrafted By The Certified Diamond Network

We think it’s fair to say that you could walk into most high street jewellers and find a rose gold marquise engagement ring or a marquise halo engagement ring. Still, when you buy off-the-shelf marquise engagement rings, you do so knowing that there will be hundreds of identical engagement rings being worn by other brides-to-be. We strongly believe that every bride-to-be deserves to have a marquise-shaped engagement ring that is as unique as she is. If you want other diamond cuts, we have you covered with square princess cut engagement ring designs, round brilliant diamond engagement rings along with the best unique double halo engagement rings Sydney offers.

There is nothing quite as special and personal as knowing that you are wearing a one-off and unique marquise engagement ring, and that is just what you get when you come to Certified Diamond Network. Our handmade marquise engagement rings in Sydney are all designed and crafted in our Parramatta studio by our master jeweller and offer a feeling you acquire from mass-produced rings. Each of our marquise-cut diamond ring designs is unique and distinctive and will remain unrepeated.

Unusual Unique Marquise Engagement Rings You Won't Find Anywhere Else, Lovingly Handcrafted By Master Jeweler Edward Swaab

We are unquestionably blessed at Certified Diamond Network to have the finest marquise ring designer in Sydney, creating our handmade jewellery at our Parramatta, Sydney, studio. Edward Swaab has been crafting stunning jewellery for over forty years and pours his heart and soul into each and every piece he designs. Our marquise engagement rings in Parramatta are an astonishing reminder of the love he puts into these handmade and custom rings for our wonderful clientele. Remember, we have a sensational collection of marquise custom-made wedding rings to choose from too. From unique women’s wedding ring styles to one-of-a-kind custom wedding bands for him.

As a multi-award-winning artisan jeweller with decades of expertise in his craft, Edward has a unique understanding of the materials he works with to create our custom marquise engagement rings. He has a beautiful eye for design that can’t be learned, and he has lovingly crafted the most spectacularly unique marquise engagement rings in Sydney, giving the ladies and gentlemen of Australia a magnificent array of the finest marquise diamond ring settings available on the fine jewellery market.

Create Your Own Unique Marquise Cut Diamond Ring Design With Sydney's Leading Bespoke Ring Designer!

Although we already have an incredible collection of the best marquise engagement rings in Sydney, we have collaborated with many brides-to-be and couples who have commissioned us to create a bespoke marquise-cut engagement ring to symbolise their betrothment. If you browse our in-house Parramatta store and can’t find a piece among our handmade, unusual, unique marquise engagement rings, you can set an appointment to visit with Edward Swaab and begin the consultation process of creating a one-off ring.

When you consult with Edward at Certified Diamond Network’s studio, you’ll sit with him and discuss design ideas, materials, and anything you’d like to include in your unique marquise engagement ring. He will use his experience and expertise to advise on what may or may not work well in creating what will undoubtedly become an heirloom piece for generations. Whether a simple marquise engagement ring or an extravagant diamond and rose gold marquise engagement ring, Edward is the designer that turns dreams into reality.

Visit Our Parramatta Studio Today To View The Best Bespoke Marquise Engagement Rings Sydney Offers!

Are you looking for a marquise diamond engagement ring, or maybe with a sapphire, ruby, emerald, or any precious gemstone setting? Certified Diamond Network has a marquise-cut engagement ring to suit everyone’s style and taste. At our Parramatta studio, we have a collection of the most finely crafted and unique marquise engagement rings in Sydney that have all been designed with incredible passion and lovingly handcrafted by our master marquise ring designer in Sydney.

We’d love you to visit us in our Parramatta store and view our bespoke marquise engagement rings so you can fully appreciate the stunning workmanship that goes into each piece. These handmade marquise engagement rings in Sydney include marquise-cut diamond ring designs, a marquise halo engagement ring, a yellow gold marquise engagement ring, and a selection of unique marquise diamond settings, so stop by and browse the best marquise engagement rings in Sydney.

Questions & Answers

Unique Marquise Engagement Rings FAQs

What does a marquise engagement ring symbolise?

A marquise-shaped engagement ring is an exceptional piece of jewellery with a wonderfully fitting meaning behind the shape of the stone. A marquise-shaped stone is an elongated oval that tapers off at both ends and represents love, joy, and celebration, making marquise-cut diamond engagement rings a beautiful choice to celebrate and mark a betrothment.

Is marquise cut good for an engagement ring?

When thinking of an engagement ring, we believe it would be fair to say that most people would have a vision of a brilliant round diamond or a cushion-cut diamond ring. A marquise diamond engagement ring, although less favoured than more traditional rings, makes for a breathtaking alternative. You could opt for an 18k yellow gold marquise engagement ring with a halo shoulder set, an 18k rose gold marquise engagement ring with an infinity twist or a platinum three-stone marquise engagement ring. These custom marquise engagement rings offer a stunning stand-out alternative to traditional engagement ring options.

Is Marquise diamond more expensive?

Marquise-cut diamonds often appear larger than other cuts of equivalent weight but are actually considerably less expensive. Considering that marquise-cut diamond engagement rings offer great value for money, you can buy a wonderfully eye-catching marquise-shaped diamond ring for the same budget as a relatively small round diamond. The elongated shape of marquise-style engagement rings is also a refreshing move away from traditional rings and offers something different and unique.

Do marquise diamonds break easily?

Marquise diamond ring settings are more susceptible to damage due to their elongated shape, but there is a way of increasing the integrity of the diamond in these areas. Nobody wants to purchase a 2-carat marquise engagement ring only to find that it has weaknesses because of its shape. The answer to solving this is to add what is known as French tips. It is a variation of the cut in which multiple tiny facets take the place of a large bezel facet at the end of the stone. When Certified Diamond Network creates our handmade custom marquise engagement rings in Parramatta, we like to ensure that all our craftsmanship and expertise are put to good use, and that is why our marquise diamond ring designs in Sydney stand the test of time.