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Alexandrite Gemstones & Natural Alexandrite Jewellery

An extremely rare colour-change variety of Chrysoberyl.


What Is The True Colour Of Natural Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is the highly regarded and rare colour-changing variety of chrysoberyl. The true colour of alexandrite will vary depending on it’s source or origin, so in a sense there is no one true alexandrite colour. The original origin of alexandrite was in Russia, this source has long since been depleted and can only be accessed if these rare and collectable gemstones are offered onto the market by the owner for re-sale. The current locations of alexandrite sources are, natural Brazilian alexandrite, very rare, Tanzania, Africa, Sri Lanka, Madagascar & India. The true and most desirable colours and colour change is from green, teal bluish green, olive green changing to red, violet/red, purple/violet in incandescent light.

Alexandrite gemstones, and the variety of alexandrite colours are as varied and individual as a finger print or personality, this is why you often here expert’s talk about the personality of a coloured gemstone, in this case the rare and collectable alexandrite.

Alexandrite Engagement Ring

How Much Is An Alexandrite Stone Worth?

The size or weight of alexandrite gemstones will greatly effect the value of the natural alexandrite stone. The intensity and contrast of the colour from one light source to another is also a very important factor. As natural colour-change, alexandrite will vary greatly in intensity and contrast of colour. The colour will change depending on the source of light. The last element of top quality alexandrite is clarity of the crystal or material. Alexandrite sizes under one carat in weight and in the good to top quality range will be priced between 10k to 18K per carat. Alexandrite sizes over one carat again in good to top quality will attract prices of 20K to 70K per carat.

As with all natural coloured gemstones, alexandrite price options will vary based on the variation of the three main quality attributes: size, the greater the change in colour and clarity.


Is The Alexandrite Gemstone Price More Expensive Than Diamond?

All alexandrite gemstones are exceedingly rare. The size, quality of colour and colour contrast and the clarity are really the key to answering this question. Alexandrite crystals that weigh’s under one carat and has poor and average clarity and colour contrast can be quite good buying and less than diamond prices in this case. Alexandrite stone price in the top end of colour contrast and clarity, even under one carat will attract pricing in excess of diamond prices per carat.

If an alexandrite gemstone for sale is cheap, or considerably less than the prices from all reputable seller’s be very wary. Always insist on an alexandrite for sale you are considering being accompanied by a well known and reputable gemstone grading laboratory. This could be a GIA certified natural alexandrite, although there are quite a few very reputable gemstone testing laboratories that test alexandrite as well, this will assure you that the alexandrite you are purchasing is natural and the report will give you a very detailed description, colour type and contrast of the alexandrite with photo’s in the grading certificate.

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Who Should Wear Alexandrite Gemstones?

Alexandrite is a hard and durable gemstone, so anyone can wear alexandrite as a collector or in a piece of jewellery. Alexandrite birthstone or June birthstone alexandrite is a very special and rare gift to celebrate your own birthday or the birthday of a loved one. Natural alexandrite is something you won’t see very often or at all in a piece of jewellery. If you see a alexandrite for sale be sure to follow the advice of the previous note as there are many synthetic or man made alexandrite’s set into jewellery and sold as natural.