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Become Mesmerised By Our Collection Of Custom Made Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond Rings At Our Parramatta Studio

Cushion-cut gemstones provide a natural nod to the past as they are considered vintage in style. The cushion cut is commonly found on square-shaped stones and refers to the rounded edges of the jewels. Certified Diamond Network has a breathtaking collection of cushion-cut engagement rings in Parramatta that is unrivalled anywhere across Australia. We’ve curated the definitive selection if you’ve been considering a cushion diamond engagement ring.

Regardless of whether you have a preference for the shape of the stone, square or soft rectangular, this selection of cushion-shaped engagement rings will mesmerise and inspire. The lineup includes stunning examples of square cushion-cut engagement rings and elongated cushion-cut engagement rings handmade at our in-house studio using the finest precious metals, spectacular gemstones, and award-winning artisanship. To view the most exquisite custom cushion-cut engagement rings, visit Certified Diamond Network’s store in Parramatta, Sydney.

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Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

Regardless Of If You're Looking For A Double Halo Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Or A Simple Square Cushion Cut Engagement Ring, We Have Something For You!

Every piece of exceptional jewellery that Certified Diamond Network has amongst its collection of pillow-cut engagement rings is designed and crafted by our very own master jeweller. Cushion-cut halo engagement rings are extremely popular among future brides looking for a stunning standout statement piece. A cushion halo engagement ring with brilliant cut faceting is fabulous. Still, a double halo cushion-cut engagement ring is a truly magnificent creation that any woman would cherish and adore. As one of the top Australian diamond wholesale brokers, we have access to some of the rarest natural-coloured diamonds including loose pink diamonds, black diamond stones, fancy intense blue diamonds and fancy yellow diamonds.

If cushion-cut halo rings are a little too extravagant for your tastes and style preference, we also offer a simple elongated cushion engagement ring or a choice of elegant square cushion-cut engagement rings. Whatever style of ring you desire, we have faith that you’ll find something in our collection of handcrafted cushion-cut engagement rings that speak to you. You can visit us anytime and view our cushion-cut engagement rings in Sydney.

Design Your Own Cushion-Shaped Engagement Ring In Sydney With Our Master Jeweller Edward Swaab

When it comes to an engagement ring, most women have a good idea of how their perfect ring will look, from the design and detail to the precious metal and gemstone. While Certified Diamond Network has an incredible choice of off-the-shelf handmade cushion-cut engagement rings, we understand that some women have dreamt about their engagement and wedding for many years, and the ring must be 100% right. Hence, we offer a cushion-cut engagement ring design service allowing you to commission the perfect piece. We also offer custom diamond engagement rings in other popular cuts such as princess-shaped engagement rings, round brilliant-cut diamond rings and round-cut halo engagement rings.

We’re blessed to have our in-house award-winning master jeweller Edward Swaab. With over forty years spent in the custom jewellery business, having created countless bespoke cushion-cut engagement rings, and being recognised as the finest cushion-cut engagement ring designer in Sydney, you can collaborate with Edward to design your dream ring. Whether it’s cushion-set diamond engagement rings or a cushion engagement ring with halo setting that speaks to you the loudest, he will help you create a ring you’ll adore that will last an eternity.

Find The Perfect Handmade Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond Ring At Our Parramatta Store Today!

Locating your dream cushion-cut diamond platinum engagement ring or any number of cushion-style engagement rings in Sydney can be a challenge. Certified Diamond Network has been associated with the high-quality design and fabrication of cushion-cut engagement rings in Parramatta for many years and has a long list of delighted clients that have bought or commissioned the finest cushion-cut engagement rings and received the highest level of customer care from the first point of contact.

As well as our handmade square pillow-cut engagement rings, many of our clients love the aesthetic appeal of the soft-rectangular gemstone setting of an elongated cushion-cut diamond ring. Artisan-crafted elongated cushion-cut engagement rings give the wearer a super-sophisticated look and stand out from the more common square pillow-cut stones. As well as Certified Diamond Network’s in-store elongated cushion engagement ring selection, you could commission a one-off heirloom piece to memorialize your betrothment.

Request a Free Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Consultation In Sydney Today!

The award-winning craftsmanship demonstrated by Edward Swaab allows Certified Diamond Network to offer a vast array of stunning jewellery, from simple and elegant cushion-cut diamond engagement rings and cushion-cut solitaire engagement rings to a magnificent 3-stone cushion-cut engagement ring and an almost endless amount of cushion-cut engagement ring design styles. If you’re searching for handmade cushion-cut engagement rings in Sydney and want something as unique to you, we have the perfect solution. Or perhaps you are interested in Certified Diamond Network’s collection of handmade unique wedding rings we have a wonderful selection of cushion-cut handmade wedding rings for women and unique handmade men’s wedding rings.

You can request a consultation where you can sit with our cushion-cut engagement ring designer in Sydney and come together to commission your dream piece. With Edward’s incredible knowledge of precious metals and gemstones, as well as his incredible eye for design, he can assist you in crafting a breathtaking cushion-cut diamond platinum engagement ring, brilliant cushion diamond engagement ring set. To book your consultation at our Parramatta store, contact our cushion-cut engagement ring design experts today!

Questions & Answers

Sydney Cushion Cut Engagement Rings FAQs

Are cushion cut diamonds more expensive?

For their carat weight, cushion-cut diamonds are far less expensive than round-cut. Although round-cut stones are beautiful, pillow-shaped diamonds are stunning in their own right and look amazing, set into cushion-cut halo engagement rings or cushion-cut solitaire engagement rings as they offer somewhat of a nod to the past with their vintage style. Cushion-cut stones are either square or a soft rectangular shape and provide super value for money, and you don’t need to sacrifice style or size to create wonderful elongated cushion-cut engagement rings or square cushion-cut engagement rings.

Are elongated cushion cut diamonds rare?

The longer the cushion on a diamond, the rarer they are. The most common are cushion diamonds that are 1.10 and below, and the rarest are 1.19 and above. An elongated cushion-cut diamond ring with a nice lengthy cushion makes for a beautiful piece of jewellery. Certified Diamond Network is an experience diamond broker, and we can locate ethically sourced pillow diamonds that you could have set when commissioning cushion-set diamond engagement rings.

What is the difference between an elongated cushion and a regular square cushion cut?

A regular square cut gemstone is square with rounded corners, giving any ring a stunning vintage look. An elongated cushion-cut or pillow-cut stone has a long body, often called a soft rectangle shape. Certified Diamond Network has several handcrafted elongated cushion-style engagement rings in Sydney that you can be viewed at our Parramatta studio.

How much do bespoke cushion cut engagement rings cost in Sydney?

Cushion-cut diamond engagement rings can vary markedly in price depending on how the ring is designed and crafted. A 3-stone cushion-cut engagement ring made using platinum and three 2-carat brilliant round stones of the highest quality may cost $100-150,000, whereas a square cushion halo engagement ring using a 1-carat cushion-cut diamond and silver could be in the $2-3000 bracket.