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Loose Blue Coloured Diamonds Defined

Blue diamond is a type of diamond which exhibits all of the same inherent properties of the mineral except with the additional element of blue colour in the stone. They are coloured blue by trace amounts of boron particles that become trapped inside the crystal lattice. It is this substance that absorbs yellow light, and in turn reflects a blue colour.

Blue diamonds occur in hues ranging from green-blue to grey-blue, with the primary hue necessarily being blue. Green and grey are the normal secondary hues that can be found in blue diamonds. Blue diamonds are considered most beautiful and valuable when there is no secondary colour present. However, a pure blue diamond of light colour may be considered less valuable than a green-blue or grey-blue diamond whose colour is more vivid. The characteristic of colour is very complex in blue diamonds for this reason.

Blue Diamond - Is It Rare?

+ How Rare Are They?

Blue diamonds are amongst the rarest. In fact, if we divided the rarity scale of coloured diamonds into four groups, blue diamonds will be at the top of the second rarest – rarer than pinks but less so than red, violet and purple. Although we need to remember that not all blue diamonds are equally rare, the stronger and more saturated the colour, the rarer the diamond.

+ Are They Expensive?

Knowing how rare they are, it should come as no surprise that naturally coloured blue diamonds are very expensive. With a diminishing supply, prices have increased consistently over the past decade by roughly 14% each year, regardless of the colour saturation level.

+ Are There Alternate Gemstones You Can Recommend?

Due to the very high price tag associated with blue diamonds and the difficulty of sourcing larger stones, there are a few alternate gemstones we would suggest that can display very similar colours at a more affordable price. For an engagement ring we would recommend Sapphire & Spinel, as their hardness will be more suitable for everyday wear. For dress jewellery you should also consider Aquamarine, Blue Tourmaline, Blue Topaz as well as Tanzanite.