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Emerald Jewellery Sydney & Beyond


What Makes Emerald Special?

We derive the gemological name Emerald from the Greek word “Smaragdus”, and it translates as a green gem. Emeralds come from the Beryl family of crystals, and other gems in this group include Morganite, Aquamarine, Red Beryl, and Green Beryl, to name a few. The most common use for emeralds and other gemstones in the same family is jewellery, and Certified Diamond Network has one of the best selections of natural emerald stones for sale.

Emeralds are very durable if cared for properly and carfully as they are hard but brittle, and although not as strong as diamonds, on the Mohs hardness scale, they measure between 7.5 and 8. The colour of a natural emerald stone is incomparable, being a deep green in the best colour qualities, and the most famous source for these gems with a beautiful green color is Colombia. Colombian emeralds can be of high quality, but the majority are heavily included which effects the transparancy and brilliance of the emerald. Material from Africa is also a wonderful source of vibrant green gemstone, and as a general rule tends to be cleaner with less inclusion, therefore making them more transparent and vibrant. The emerald mines in south America and Africa are recognised around the world for producing different types of emeralds, from a 1 carat emerald up to the world’s biggest which has up to 15,000 carats and was found at an emerald mine in Boyaca.

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Natural Green Emerald Are Found Worldwide

Although emeralds come from all over the world, Certified Diamond Network has a large selection of the highest quality Colombian emerald and African emerald, perfect for your gemstone ring or jewellery. You can find natural emeralds in Colombia, Africa, Brazil, Pakistan, Zambia, Russia, and Australia to name but a few. So, unlike other rare gemstones such as pink diamonds, you can find these beautiful green gems throughout the world, although the best green emerald gemstones come from Colombia and Africa. These beautiful emerald gems are found in a variety of different shades of green, with hues of yellow and blue, and the emerald colour is closely associated with the mine from which it came. Choosing an emerald green stone for your jewellery is simple when you visit Certified Diamond Network, as we have a wide and varied assortment of varying quality emeralds for sale. For more information you can speak to one of our emerald experts who will be happy to assist you by calling us on Tel: (02) 9689 3396, and let us help you find the perfect gem.


What Jewellery Is Made With Emerald?

You will find that when an emerald is faceted and cut for use in a piece of jewellery they are more brittle than diamonds, because of this there is a higher chance of the gem becoming fractured or damaged. Emeralds are one of the precious stones that inclusions are acceptable, although this still affects the value. The higher value gem will have a rich green colour, and the saturation of the light will make it sparkle whether they are worn as rings, bracelets, pendants, or earrings, due to the clarity. The size of the gemstone will also play a big part in dictating the value, as does where the GIA certificate says it originates are from. Because of all these factors it is almost impossible to give an average price. It is possible to create real emeralds synthetically, however, they are one of the most expensive synthetic gemstones to create, due to the expensive machinery and methods required. Like all gemstones, Colombian emeralds and African emeralds can be synthetically produced, however in our opinion nothing has been produced that comes close to emulating the true personality and complexity of colour to match the emerald stone, emerald is a gemstone to be treasured indeed.

What Jewellery Is Made With Emerald?

If you are looking for a beautiful green emerald stone, or exquisite emerald pieces, Certified Diamond Network are the Parramatta based experts in dealing in the most beautiful gemstones, as well as handmade jewellery. If you have any questions about any of our emeralds or any other products, or you would like to book a consultation, call us today on Tel: (02) 9689 3396. If you prefer, you can email us directly at or use our online contact form, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. You can visit our showroom at 48 George Street, Parramatta near Sydney, and you can keep up to date with all our latest creations and offerings, news, and special offers, by following us on FacebookInstagram, or LinkedIn. Come and visit Certified Diamond Network where you can Dream, Discover, and Create beautiful jewellery made with emeralds, as unique as you are.

Questions & Answers

Emerald FAQ's


Whether you can wear your green emeralds every day will depend on two things, the quality of the emeralds, and your lifestyle. If the emeralds have heavy inclusions, there is a higher chance of it being damaged while you wear it. You will also want to avoid exercising and cleaning when wearing your jewellery, as sweat and cleaning products can damage the shine of emeralds and other gemstones such as diamonds.


Emerald is indeed a birthstone and people that are born in the month of May can claim the Emerald as their birth stone. Emerald is also the designated gift for the 20th and 35th milestone wedding anniversaries. It was once believed that emeralds quicken intelligence, increase your eloquence, as well as improve your memory. So even if emerald is not your birthstone and you just love the colour green you should definitely explore your options with a beautiful emerald.


A high quality emerald price can be very high, depending on the size, and the cut, and they are in high demand for lovers of the green colour gem stones. However, the quality does vary and as well as being able to purchase a top quality gemstone, there are also lower quality grades available that are pastel green emerald, which is emerald that should not be overlooked as we have seen many examples of pastel or mid green emerald that are stunningly beautiful and we have purchased. Emerald is a stone to be treasured for a lifetime. For more information on this, call the Certified Diamond Network jewellery studio in Parramatta on Tel: (02) 9689 3396, and one of our knowledgeable advisors will be happy to assist you.


Emeralds are naturally coloured green, although you can get a green emerald that has an undertone of blue or yellow, depending on the emerald mines from which it comes. Some stones can also be artificially enhanced to change the colour, so you must know what you are looking for before purchasing loose emeralds. Artificial treatments to this stone are quite common so make sure you only buy a stone that is accompanied by full gemological certification.


Unlike some natural gemstones, emeralds can be created in a laboratory almost identical to those mined from the ground, the only difference being that they are not natural, and they don’t have the same complexity of colour and personality. A mined stone has more chance of having fractures, while there are less with ones created in the lab. We are great believers and advocates of mineral deposits that are naturally formed with no to minimal treatment that are rare and as unique as a fingerprint.


Within an emerald, you will find trace amounts of iron, chromium, and vanadium, and it is these that give the gemstone its colour. The numbers of these compounds will determine the colour of the stone, and the ideal colour is a dark green, but if it is too dark, it loses its value.


It is the same as any other type of gem, and you should avoid banging it on hard objects and also avoid chemicals which can tarnish the stone. Wear your jewellery occasionally and not all the time, and store correctly when not wearing it. There are many home remedies to help clean your gems, but some of these can be harmful, so we would suggest getting them cleaned professionally to help keep them in sparkling condition.