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Sydney's Widest Collection Of Uniquely Designed Vintage Engagement Ring Styles

Suppose you’re searching for a vintage-style engagement ring with an elegant and classical look. You must look no further than Certified Diamond Network’s Parramatta studio, as we have the widest congregation of vintage-inspired rings in Sydney. You can choose from Victorian or Edwardian vintage engagement rings, Art Deco ring designs or Retro Era unique vintage ring designs. You can let your imagination run wild and embrace the charm and refinement of times gone by.

Perhaps you’ll opt for one of our 14k white gold Art Deco ring designs, a stunning Art Deco baguette round diamond engagement ring with a total diamond weight of 0.38 Ct and exquisite milgrain detail. Or you could favour Victorian antique-looking engagement rings, a halo diamond engagement ring made from platinum with eight small bezel set diamond accents. Our vintage engagement ring styles in Parramatta offer something for everyone from Victorian vintage-style handmade diamond engagement rings to Edwardian halo diamond engagement rings no matter what era appeals to you.

Uniquely Designed Vintage Engagement Ring

Spectacular Art Deco Diamond Ring Designs From Parramatta's Leading Vintage Engagement Ring Designers

If you’ve been dreaming of marking your betrothment with one of our stunning vintage design engagement rings, you’ll have to go a long way to find a more fabulous vintage style than one of our hand-crafted Art Deco ring designs. Traditionally, we identify Art Deco rings as having calibre-cut gemstones made using platinum or white gold, with filigree metalwork using bold geometric shapes. The Certified Diamond Network Art Deco collection of vintage engagement rings elevates the style to a new level.

You could choose from our selection of Art Deco vintage-inspired engagement rings to mark your memorable moment. A rose or rose gold Art Deco diamond ring. Designs that stay true to their period while using different materials to the traditional and hand-engraved detailing. As vintage-style engagement ring designers in Sydney, we aim to present the finest Art Deco custom vintage engagement ring styles in Australia, making your vision of the perfect ring come to light.

Design Your Own Vintage Engagement Ring With Inhouse Master Jeweler Edward Swaab

The name Certified Diamond Network is synonymous with quality and style, which is in no small part thanks to our exquisite unique vintage ring designs. We are incredibly fortunate to have one of Australia’s top multi-award-winning master jewellers designing and hand-crafting our antique-inspired engagement rings in Sydney. Throughout the years, we have produced a spectacular collection of vintage engagement rings, and the man behind the magic is none other than Edward Swaab.

Edward has been involved in designing and crafting high-quality bespoke vintage engagement ring styles for over 40 years. He has lent his expert eye and impeccable touch to countless collections of vintage engagement rings. Having such an accomplished master craftsman allows us to offer a complete bespoke design service. You can collaborate with Edward to design an heirloom antique design engagement ring or a handmade unique wedding ring that includes every vintage design element you desire from your chosen materials.

Vintage Looking Engagement Ring Design That Offers A Classic Style And Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Every woman has a viewpoint on what design elements make for the most stunning engagement rings. Vintage style jewellery will always have a grand appeal as it has a sense of timeless and classical beauty. Whether you’re considering cushion-cut diamond and gold vintage style engagement rings, princess-cut vintage style sapphire engagement rings, or three-stone trilogy vintage style moissanite engagement rings, Certified Diamond Network’s spectacular collection offers something for every lady looking for true style and form.

We offer vintage engagement ring styles in Sydney designed in-house by our master jeweller and beautifully handcrafted in our Parramatta studio. No matter what you go for, be it vintage style diamond engagement rings, vintage style rose gold engagement rings with ruby stones, or vintage style gold engagement rings with a classical brilliant round diamond, our bespoke vintage engagement ring styles are unequalled in imagination and quality and unparalleled in craftsmanship.

Arrange a Free Vintage Engagement Ring Design Consultation Today!

Making up one’s mind about which of our incredible vintage engagement ring styles in Parramatta fulfil one’s desires can be challenging. We may have vintage-style rose gold engagement rings that are almost perfect, but not quite. You may see some of our vintage-style sapphire engagement rings you love but need an element you’d like to add to make them perfect for you. If this is the case, you can design your own vintage engagement ring with Edward.

Certified Diamond Network is recognised as one of the leading vintage-style engagement ring designers in Sydney. We have been blessed to collaborate with countless brides-to-be and help them design stunning antique-looking engagement rings and not forgetting some wonderful custom male wedding bands for the gents. You can create your vintage engagement ring design and watch your dream piece come to life. If you have your heart set on an antique design engagement ring, contact us and make arrangements for your free consultation where you can begin the process of creating your perfect vintage-style engagement ring today!

Questions & Answers

Unique Vintage Engagement Ring Styles Sydney FAQs

Why are unique vintage-style engagement rings so popular in Sydney?

Vintage engagement ring styles in Sydney have become increasingly popular throughout the years. While there are many pre-owned engagement rings for sale on the second-hand jewellery market, unless it is an heirloom piece, many brides want something truly personal to them. Vintage-inspired engagement rings provide a sentimental nod to times gone by and pay homage to classical design. Vintage-looking engagement rings that take design notes from the Art Deco period are incredibly popular. The Art Deco period used solid geometric shapes and superb hand engraving. The Victorian period also offers fantastic inspiration for many vintage engagement ring designers. The period is well known for its highly intricate and ornate designs. Whichever era provides an influence, vintage-style diamond engagement rings and antique-inspired engagement rings in Sydney provide stunning classical design elements matched with incredible craftsmanship and quality, allowing the bride-to-be to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Why is Edward Swaab the leading custom vintage engagement ring designer in Sydney?

Edward Swaab has been involved in vintage engagement ring design for over four decades, winning significant industry awards and recognition for his craftsmanship. He has designed and created everything from diamond and gold vintage-style engagement rings to platinum vintage-style moissanite engagement rings. He has passionately created Certified Diamond Network vintage design engagement rings and collaborates with many clients to develop bespoke vintage engagement ring styles. His passion, dedication, and love of custom vintage engagement ring styles drive him to produce the finest handmade jewellery in Australia.

How much do handmade bespoke vintage-looking engagement rings cost?

Vintage-inspired rings in Sydney vary in price according to how intricate the design is, the materials used, and how many hours of craftsmanship are required to make the piece perfect. There is a perception that commissioning a vintage-style engagement ring is way beyond the means of the man on the street, but that isn’t the case. You could opt for one of the vintage-inspired engagement rings from our collection or have Edward Swaab handcraft a bespoke vintage-style engagement ring that will become an heirloom piece. Whichever option appeals to you the most, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how Certified Diamond Network’s vintage engagement ring styles in Parramatta compare favourably with high street-bought mass-produced pieces.