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Bespoke Handmade Princess Cut Engagement Rings & Custom Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Square Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Have A Timeless Beauty


Modern, Elegant, & Simple Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings From Certified Diamond Network

There is something so unique and timeless about princess cut diamond engagement rings. Perhaps it is the elegant simplicity of the design or the way the light catches the corners of the diamond. Still, the princess diamond engagement ring design has remained popular for decades. It’s also a design that easily incorporates modern details, from diamond baguettes on the sides to intricate filigree on the band. If you have a specific design in mind, be it an avant-garde 1 carat princess cut diamond ring or something inspired by one of the classic princess cut engagement rings, but with a subtle twist, we would be delighted to create that ring for you. The options are endless for this versatile cut, and Certified Diamond Network specialises in making the best princess cut engagement rings.

Princess Cut

A Collection Of Unique Princess Cut Engagement Rings & Square Diamond Rings Of Unquestionable Beauty

Your loved one deserves nothing less than a princess cut ring that represents her unique style, and we would love nothing more than to be part of a beautiful love story that leads to eternal union. If you’re considering a princess cut square diamond ring, let us help make your vision come true. If you haven’t yet decided on a princess diamond engagement ring design, we have a vast collection of unique princess cut engagement rings, including breathtaking princess cut solitaire engagement rings, which are sure to inspire the romantic in you. Feel free to have a look and tell us which ones you think your beloved would love wearing for years to come.

View A Wide Selection Of Handcrafted Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings At The CDN Parramatta Studio (Sydney)

Certified Diamond Network is the place to go when it comes to princess cut ring styles. With years of experience, our expert jewellers Carl and Edward can create just about any princess cut diamond ring imaginable. Apart from what you can see on our website, which features exquisite creations from platinum to white gold band princess cut engagement ring designs, there’s more at our studio in Parramatta. Come and view our wide selection of princess engagement rings on display, from a simple 2 carat princess cut diamond ring to the increasingly popular princess cut engagement ring with wedding band. We would be more than happy to help you find the perfect princess shaped engagement ring.

Interested In A Custom Princess Cut Square Diamond Engagement Ring? Arrange A Free Consultation At Our Parramatta Studio

Thinking of getting her a princess cut square diamond ring? Whether or not you have already found a square princess cut engagement ring you would like to base your ring design on, we offer a free consultation to ensure you get the perfect ring. We are committed to creating classic princess cut engagement rings explicitly tailored to the wearer’s style. We provide clients with all the information they need to help them decide. The most beautiful princess engagement rings come from the heart, so that we will create a princess shaped engagement ring according to your specifications. Simply arrange a free consultation at our Parramatta studio and let us help you take your love story to new heights.

Looking For The Best Princess Cut Engagement Rings Advice? Call The Experts At Certified Diamond Network Today

Finding the right ring can be daunting, so don’t hesitate to call us. We would be happy to show you our extensive catalogue of exquisite designs and help you decide on the perfect engagement ring. Are you looking for a 3 carat princess cut engagement ring with side stones? Want more than the usual favourite white gold band princess cut engagement ring? How about a princess cut engagement ring with diamond band? Thinking that she may want to wear the engagement ring with the wedding band? Go for a custom princess cut engagement ring with wedding band. You can find all the solutions you need for your ring dilemma right here at Certified Diamond Network.

Questions & Answers

Princess-Cut Engagement Rings FAQs


Square cut engagement rings were given ‘princess cut’ in the 1960s. They either have a rectangular or a square-shaped diamond, so they are also sometimes called square cut engagement rings. Be it a 1 carat princess cut engagement ring with diamond band, a less intricately designed 3 carat princess cut engagement ring with side stones, or even something in between such as a simple 2 carat princess cut diamond ring, the diamond has lots of facets on the surface, resulting in a more sparkly centre stone.


Princess cut engagement rings are perfect for those who want a unique ring that is still classic. Otherwise called square cut engagement rings, these pieces are becoming more and more popular for a good reason. Princess cut engagement rings have a timeless beauty. In addition, even a 1 carat princess cut diamond ring is very sparkly, so it is sure to dazzle your loved one.


No, a square-cut diamond is not more expensive. It may even be a little less costly than a round diamond of the same carat weight because it is not as popular. This means that there may be more square diamond engagement ring availability, and since they are just as beautiful as round diamonds, you can get more for your money.


Square cut engagement rings got their name because they have a square diamond in the centre. Sometimes called the princess cut, the diamond has sharp corners and straight sides, which gives a square princess cut engagement ring more of a pyramid when viewed from the side. With more facets that provide more sparkles, the simple styles of princess cut solitaire engagement rings are often preferred.


Princess cut square diamond engagement ring designs are popular because they offer a unique look that is still classic. Even a 1 carat princess cut engagement ring can have more facets than a round diamond, providing more sparkles. In addition, the princess cut is often less expensive than round diamonds of the same carat weight, and both offer a timeless beauty that many other ring shapes do not have.