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Tanzanite Gemstones: Tanzanite Stone Price, Expert Brokerage Service & Identification For Tanzanite Gems

Named After Its Origin Of Source: Tanzania, In Africa


Buy Tanzanite Gemstones From Us With Expert Advice

Certified Diamond Network has a vast global reach, working alongside the most renowned tanzanite crystal suppliers and dealers worldwide to provide customers with a wide range of top-quality tanzanite gemstones. Rest assured, when buying loose tanzanite gemstones or even commissioning a bespoke tanzanite stone jewellery piece from us, our tanzanite stones have been handled with care at every step of the sourcing process from the most reliable and cost-effective sources in the world.

Looking for a tanzanite for sale? Quality and expert guidance come together with Certified Diamond Network’s selection of GIA certified tanzanite stones. If independent certification isn’t already in place, we’ll arrange this upon selection. With superior resources and leading tanzanite gem experts in-house, we are the go-to company that you can trust for all your jewellery needs. Drop by our store to view our collection of tanzanite stone jewellery and make a one-of-a-kind investment like no other. At the same time, you will receive expert advice and knowledge regarding the latest tanzanite stone trend, investment opportunities and the best tanzanite gemstone price options. Talk one-on-one with a true gemologist & unbiased expert today and buy tanzanite gemstones for sale, which you won’t find anywhere else, from Certified Diamond Network.

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Tanzanite Diamond Halo Anniversary Ring

An Expansive Range Of Loose Tanzanite Stones For Sale At The CDN Studio In Parramatta, NSW

Sourced in Tanzania, Africa, in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, tanzanite crystals are considered one of nature’s most beautiful stones and has been long treasured for their spectacular array of colours.

Our loose tanzanite stones for sale are verified with a certificate of authenticity by our team. Visit our beautiful studio at Parramatta, NSW, browse through our vast range of carefully selected GIA certified tanzanite stones. This wide range of precious stones is available in all colours, shapes and sizes at our store. Experience the genuinely breathtaking beauty of our tanzanite gemstone jewellery on site today!


Tanzanite Stone Buyers Guide Where Are Tanzanite Gemstones Mined In The World?

Raw tanzanite, scientifically known as blue zoisite, is a deeply coloured gemstone found in only one place on earth. Discovered in the tanzanite mines of Africa, these natural, unheated tanzanite stones are one of the rarest gems known. Due to tanzanite’s rarity and extraordinary blue-violet beauty it has become one of the most coveted stones in the market. The tanzanite colours are shades of purple, violet, indigo, blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange, red and brown with beautiful deep displays of colour at all angles of light, just like a trichroic gemstone.

Untreated tanzanite is a trichoic gemstone that is doubly refractive. However, tanzanite is truly magnificent in its display of multi-faceted colours when viewed from three different directions.

Certified Diamond Network is proud to be the home of one of the most trusted sources for tanzanite gemstones for sale in Australia. To date, our team has acquired many stunning tanzanite purple gemstones that you won’t find elsewhere. Our passionate team has many more striking tanzanite colours in the shades of blue, violet, cyan, indigo and burgundy for your consideration.

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Tanzanite Stone Colour Range Is From Ultramarine To Sapphire Blue

Our tanzanite jewellery customers have asked time and again for a selection of tanzanite that rivals the world’s finest. We heard you, and we listened! We have scoured the globe for many years to find the right quality, colour range, and price-point. The result is an exclusive, tanzanite jewellery selection. With thousands of coloured gemstones sparkling in all their natural beauty,

Beautiful, deep tanzanite purple gemstones would make the perfect gift for any woman. Purple tanzanite comes in various shades and is prized for its beauty and rarity, making it an excellent choice for anyone. This violetish blue gemstone glows with an eccentric mix of blue and red. Even the most striking diamond is rivalled with its incomparable beauty. Find your purple tanzanite at a competitive price point with us today!

This delicate gem can sometimes be confused with blue topaz, but really the two stones are worlds apart. Exuding sophistication and mystery, with its flashes of bright blue, disperse like shimmers on a clear, calm ocean’s surface. With a permanent vivid blue colour, plus a high level of transparency, no substitute will ever come close to the beauty and lustre of these tanzanite gemstones. This blue tanzanite has been procured from mines in Africa at its namesake source. A blue zoisite oozes luxury and status, even more so when set in a custom made piece. Make us your first call if you’re considering buying a tanzanite blue stone!

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The Value Of Tanzanite Gemstones Is Hugely Associated With The Clarity Grade Of Each Stone

Unlike diamonds, raw tanzanite is 1000 times rarer! Add a pop of colour and a scarce gem to your jewellery collection with a beautiful tanzanite birthstone.

Clarity is a crucial factor in determining the value of a tanzanite gemstone, and it is a measure of the lack of inclusions within a gem. Inclusions are often crystallized minerals that exist as imperfections inside a stone. Tanzanites have truly breathtaking properties that artificial diamonds can’t replicate. This makes them an excellent alternative option for those looking for something different from your standard diamond dress ring.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a trusted authority on gemstone grading, as are many other international & local grading laboratories. A tanzanite gem has a very wonderfully rich hue that is unmistakable, but the clarity grade of each stone plays a big role in determining its value. If the tanzanite crystal has visible inclusions, then the value will be significantly lower due to rarity & aesthetic appeal. With expert assistance from our gem specialists, rest assured that you will get an accurate representation of every precious stone, allowing you to buy confidently with us at no risk.

The Importance Of The Tanzanite Gemstone Cut

Tanzanite is a trichroic stone (when unheated), which gives it the ability to reflect light from different spectrums such as deep blues, lighter blues, and even bluish violet hues under natural light or incandescent light. Unheated tanzanite is a type of gemstone that has not been heated or treated in any way. This means it is pure and unaltered, the way nature created it.

The cutting process plays a huge role in tanzanite’s colour blends. A natural tanzanite gemstone is truly beautiful to behold, particularly when cut with skill and care. For example, a December birthstone tanzanite gem with refined cuts, delicate facets, and brilliant lustre yields more value. Lucky for you, our tanzanite jewellery collection includes precision cut tanzanites that boast vibrant pleochroic colours and sparkle.

Certified Diamond Network offers GIA certified tanzanite stones (as well as other labs) in hand-polished minimalistic shapes and cuts. We always guarantee fair tanzanite stone price points, so there is always something for everyone’s budget! Contact our tanzanite gemstone experts today for detailed information on what constitutes an ‘acceptable’ or ‘AA grade’ Tanzanite stone.

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Tanzanite Carat Weight & Price

Before making any purchase, it’s essential to understand the tanzanite price per carat.  Carat weight (equal to 0.2 of a gram) is the measure of a gemstone’s weight, and it can be used as an indication of the size and rarity of a particular stone. The value of this rare gem is heavily influenced by carat weight and availability in the global tanzanite market. The higher the carat weight, the more expensive it becomes. In recent years, gemologists have noticed that rough tanzanite stones are becoming increasingly less available. Luckily, we’ve increased our tanzanite stock, so you can invest in this beautiful stone now before the prices go incredibly high!

Find a wide variety of loose tanzanite gemstones in a vast array of shades, colours, and cuts. Invest in this timeless treasure that you can pass on from one generation to another. From the best 1-carat tanzanite price to higher grade stones, we offer the best wholesale prices in Australia!

Arrange An Appointment At The CDN Studio To View Our Outstanding Unique Collection Of Tanzanite Jewellery For Sale

Are you looking for custom jewellery with an exquisite tanzanite for sale? Our custom designers can go even further by providing you with a one-of-a-kind bespoke tanzanite stone jewellery design according to your desires and personal taste. All of this is available at the best tanzanite price per carat you will find! If you need assistance in choosing the best option for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Looking For Tanzanite Gemstones For Sale? Please Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us Today

Don’t be fooled by the many tanzanite imitations. At Certified Diamond Network, we’re not just about the glitz and glamour, it’s about creating the perfect jewellery just for you. Whether you’re looking for a  tanzanite birthstone, a 1-carat tanzanite engagement ring, or an untreated tanzanite stone, we’ve got you covered.

Create an elegant, timeless ensemble for your next occasion with these exquisite loose tanzanite gemstones. We are proud to offer you an exclusive opportunity to create your custom design through Certified Diamond Network’s virtual jewellery service. From choosing the finest cut stone to your desired colour of raw tanzanite stone, we will guide you every step of the way.

Questions & Answers

Tanzanite FAQs


The tanzanite blue stone is something to behold. Being one of the more expensive gemstones on earth, the tanzanite’s rarity makes it one of the most sought-after beautiful stones discovered. A raw tanzanite stone is incredibly rare and then typically heated to become a blue tanzanite that offers a vivid, never-ending spectrum of dichroic colour from violet through bluish-violet to indigo and violetish-blue to blue. It’s used in high-quality jewellery all over the world, and for a good reason: these stones are stunningly beautiful!

Certified Diamond Network specializes in only  fine quality gemstones and jewellery. We offer a large selection of tanzanite crystals handset in rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and more. Buy this rare gem at an affordable tanzanite gemstone price point with us exclusively.


Are you looking for tanzanite gems for sale? Certified Diamond Network offers the best tanzanite price per carat. You will usually find that, for richly coloured gemstones, the 1-carat tanzanite price ranges from $400 – $600, while the tanzanite 2-carat price is sold in the region of $500 – $800 per carat. A 3 carat currently ranges at $600 – $900 tanzanite cost per carat and for those who want larger stones in the top end of material and cut, $1000+ P/C can be expected. The tanzanite cost per carat varies depending on the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. For the most reasonable tanzanite gemstone price points, visit Certified Diamond Network!


The most expensive tanzanite colour is blue tanzanite with a hint of violet tint. Blue tanzanite stones have attracted the attention of many high-profile jewellery designers because their pleochroic colours are rarely found elsewhere in nature. More recently, collectors have started to take notice as well, causing an increased interest in this beautiful, rare December birthstone tanzanite gem.