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Welcome To The Exciting And Beautifully Vibrant World Of Coloured Gemstones


Here at the Certified Diamond Network, we have a long history of professional experience and passion for coloured gemstones. They are the inspiration and starting point for the majority of our bespoke designer rings and custom jewellery designs that are created in our studio workshop in Parramatta. We are constantly excited and inspired to source the most beautiful gemstones from Australia and around the world for our clients.

If you’re looking to buy loose gemstones in Sydney, and may already have a favourite piece of mineral crystal, or plan to choose stones in colours pink, purple or orange, for example, no need to go further with your search. As your personal gemstone broker, we can access some of the most beautifully coloured and rare gemstones for you at a wholesale level, ensuring not only a wide range of choices but also the most competitive price.

To help you understand the differences and unique qualities of some of the better-known gems that are used in a range of gemstone jewellery designs, we’ve compiled some helpful information as well as images to guide you on your journey.

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Is A Gem A Stone?

As a stone of value, a gem is cut and polished to serve as ornaments in jewellery, among others, and is usually made of minerals. Many gemstones are minerals with a unique crystal structure. These gemstones can be formed when minerals, under heat and pressure, are fused together through movement of tectonic plates. Gems are mineral crystal pieces that are cut to assume a shape that will suit the intended jewellery piece. Gemstones can be transparent, opaque or translucent.

The value of gems is based on rarity, and to qualify as a gem, the stone has to have beautiful clarity and hardness than can resist scratching. Gems can come in different colours such as blue, pink, purple, yellow, and orange, that are often the bases for gemstones names, and can even come with crystals meanings.

A List Of Rare Gemstones For Sale

Alexandrite – This June birthstone is exceedingly rare, which is why you won’t see natural Alexandrite very often in a piece of jewellery. Its true color will vary depending on its origin, but the most desirable colour change is when in incandescent light it changes to red, violet/red or purple/violet from green, teal bluish green, or olive green.

Aquamarine– As its name implies, this gemstone reminds you of seawater. With sea green to sky blue tones, this is the birthstone for March. Albeit better known for its light watery tones, its finest colour is deep blue.

Beryl– This gemstone takes its name from the Greek word; ‘beryllos’, which means “precious blue-green colour-of-sea-water stone”. Beryl can come in pale shades of yellow, green and pink and even in raspberry orange. Aquamarine, Emerald and Morganite are popular varieties of this stone.

Emerald – This is the birthstone for those born in May, and is also used in gifts by those celebrating their wedding anniversaries for the 20th and 35th time. Emeralds can come in different shades of green, with blue and yellow hues, but the rarest and most sought after colour is deep green.

Garnet – The birthstone of January, its namesake is derived from the Latin word for ‘grain’ due to its rounded crystals, which also reminds you of a pomegranate’s red kernels. Garnet has a beautiful glassy lustre and is usually thought to have red or wine red colour. A red garnet with a tinge of purple and a reddish brown hue are also commonly seen. Garnet can also come in some shades of orange and many other colours including rare colour-change material.

Ruby – This gemstone received its name from the Latin word ‘ruber’, which means red. This is the birthstone of those born in July and is also used in gifts among couples celebrating their 40th wedding anniversaries. Rich deep vibrant red Rubies are extremely rare and expensive.

Sapphire – This gemstone is the birthstone for those born in the month of September. Sapphires may be known to be blue, but they are also available in a lot of colours; such as yellow, pink, black, white, green, red and teal. They also come in a combination of colours such as purple/violet and peach as well as apricot.

Spinel – This very vibrant “stone of hope” is believed to have properties that can bring fresh energy to the wearer. This very tough gemstone is available in different colours, which include green, blue, and red. The most expensive and the rarest of this gemstone comes in the colour violet.

Tanzanite – Named after Tanzania, Africa, the only place where it is found, this gemstone is very rare. The best quality of Tanzanite stones comes in the colours ultramarine to sapphire blue. Tanzanite was chosen as a December birthstone in 2002.

Tourmaline – It is one of those gemstones with wide colour ranges. It can come in green, blue, brown, red, pink or reddish-pink, among others. It can also come in a large variety of sizes and shapes.

Natural Gemstones Of The Highest Quality

If you’re on the search for gemstones in Australia online, you’ve come to the right place. One of our gemstones from our personal collection that are cut to perfection could be what you are looking for to create that dream engagement ring you’ve been planning to design for your beloved. Contact us for more information and expert, unbiased advice.