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Diamond Brokering

Your Personal Sydney Diamond Broker & unbiased industry expert

My name is Carl and my role is to work with you as your personal diamond broker. I help my clients find diamonds in the top 10% of light performance & visual quality, focusing on value for money and paying for things that matter in a diamond visually.

I work with diamond wholesalers in Sydney and all over Australia, which enables me to consider many options on your behalf and bring in my top choices for obligation free viewing and diamond education on their qualities.

I have over 14 years’ experience in the industry and consider myself an expert in this field, so if you ever need unbiased advice, always feel free to get in touch. Send me a message here>

The most important thing when selecting a diamond…

Is that you make your selection visually, from a range of at least 3 diamonds in the criteria you’ve fine-tuned. The reason I encourage you to do this, is that technical detail found in a diamond grading report is quite generic and will tell you very little about the Raw Crystal Transparency or Light Performance of the diamond you’re considering.

The ability to compare options side by side is your key to developing reference points on quality and helps you decide on what you truly love in a diamond, and where best to spend your money.

Buy how diamond experts buy…

This is the exact approach I employ for any diamond I’m considering for a client, as it’s the way I’d buy a diamond for myself. This is an uncompromising, meticulous method of comparing and selecting your perfect diamond in the top 10% of light performance that has a real ‘wow’ factor.

So what makes a diamond tick?

A diamond’s visual beauty & characteristics are firstly determined by the raw material / crystalline structure (it’s not all the same!) – the ‘Engine Room’ of light performance, and then overall cut quality in order of; Proportion (or Cut), determining light return, fire & brightness – Polish, provides surface lustre & enables light to pass through the facets – Symmetry, the size & alignment of the Crown & Pavillion facets determining the evenness of light return & scintillation (or sparkle).

Are all Australian diamond brokers the same?

Sadly the answer is no. Just like every profession, there are companies with varying degrees of hands-on experience and technical knowledge. As your trusted Sydney diamond broker, we have created a short list of helpful information and questions we recommend asking when considering who you want to work with…

The power is in your hands…

…and we believe knowledge is power. Get in touch with us, and help us to empower you. Transparent information mixed with hands-on education, and unbiased expert advice. Discover what diamonds are really all about.

Industry Insider Tips:

  • Never commit to buying a diamond “sight-unseen”. Keep in mind that photos & videos will only tell you a small part of the story visually, and these can be manipulated too. A true diamond expert knows enough about the difference between the technical diamond information and the visual qualities of diamonds, and how they very often don’t match, or live up to visual expectations. This is why we would never buy a diamond this way, so why would we ask you to?
  • If the diamond broker you’re working with is only showing you diamond grading certificates and not the accompanying diamonds, they’re not a quality broker; they are merely a ‘certificate broker’. Not only is there a big difference in the amount of knowledge, training, education, and experience required in explaining both the technical and visual qualities of diamonds, but more importantly, what you are actually buying? Whose interest are they working for? Avoid these companies as they are not serving your best interests.
  • Insist on looking at several diamonds in your diamond consultation, or how else are you able to develop an “effective point of visual reference” for which diamond has the best and highest level of light performance and what will be your best choice.
  • Ask about light performance; brilliance, fire, and scintillation. A diamond broker who’s working on your behalf would much prefer to discuss the visual qualities of the diamond you’re considering, rather than the generic ‘4-C’s’, although both are important, you will not be wearing a diamond certificate on your finger.