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Guide To Loose Argyle Cognac Diamonds Or "Champagne Diamonds"


Understanding Argyle Champagne Diamonds

The tonal combination of Argyle cognac diamonds or champagne diamonds inspires thoughts in shades of champagne, honey, and amber in diverse levels, tones, and saturation. The colour of cognac diamonds is dark brown, typically with secondary hues of yellow and sometimes mixed with undertones of golden orange. Several reasons are associated with the argyle champagne diamond’s brown colour; one is due to champagne diamonds having nickel impurities. Natural irradiation is also a factor in creating the distinctive brown colour of argyle cognac diamonds, however, the most common cause is lattice defects associated with plastic deformation; especially in pure diamonds.

Argyle cognac diamonds, refined and worldly, symbolise sophistication. When set on a piece of jewellery such as a stunning argyle champagne diamond ring, you will most definitely be the talk of the town. If you are interested in purchasing a cognac diamond ring, perhaps you just want to buy loose champagne diamonds? Let the knowledgeable team at the Certified Diamond Network guide you through the process. We have access to the most extensive range of argyle champagne diamonds for sale in Australia. We also make sure our customers are fully educated in the process, completely understanding the history of your stone from sourcing to procurement. We also guarantee you receive the best possible champagne diamond price per carat. Make an appointment at our Parramatta based viewing studio; we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Cognac Rough Cut Wedding Rings

How Do You Grade Champagne Diamonds?

Champagne diamonds are graded on a fancy diamond scale, from C1 to C7. To classify champagne diamonds, Argyle Mine created a different colour scale for such gemstones. C1 is the lightest side, with C7 being the darkest. Specific standards within the industry determine the colour and quality of the diamonds. As specified in an industry-standard cognac diamond colour chart, colour also varies according to intensity. For champagne grades, grades C1 and C2 are light champagne, C3 implies medium champagne, C5 and C6 means fancy dark champagne colours. The colours of C7 graded champagne jewellery are the darkest. Typically, independent laboratories such as GIA grade the brown diamonds range in fancy light yellow-brown, fancy yellow-brown, deep orange-brown, and fancy darker orange-brown diamonds. If you are searching for that unique fancy cognac diamond, Certified Diamond Network is here to help. Arrange an appointment at our Parramatta store to view our extensive range of loose champagne diamonds for sale while receiving expert advice.


The better the cut, the more attractive the argyle cognac diamonds are. Generally, the champagne diamond price per carat is more cost-effective too. But unlike colourless diamonds, there are no standard cut proportions. If the cut appears richer in hues and brighter, the champagne diamond looks more appealing. However, in darker champagne gemstones, the brilliance is less, so white sunlight reflection is less noticeable. A poorly cut champagne diamond can at best look uneven or present no brilliance, eventually leaving gemstones dull and lifeless. The unique combination of carat, colour, clarity, and the diamond cut for each selected diamond is reflected in the cognac champagne price.


Champagne diamonds are light or dark brown and can have a secondary colour like pale yellow or orange-brown. The Argyle Mine closed on 3rd Nov 2020, had its own grade system for champagne argyle cognac diamonds, while the AGS carries a different diamond scale. GIA uses no Champagne word on report grades. Because it’s difficult to see how a champagne diamond looks, our experts recommend a second opinion which is another excellent excuse to engage with the team at the Certified Diamond Network if you need to determine a cognac diamond value and its legitimacy. It’s better if you’d catch a poor investment beforehand whenever possible. Unlike a white diamond used in asolitaire ring, champagne diamonds or brown diamonds are more eye-catching. Champagne diamond engagement rings will stand out among other rings and stones regardless of size or cut.


The clarity of stones determines how clear they are of imperfections and inclusions. The fewer faults, the better the quality of the stone. Many champagne diamonds are eye-clean at grades between Si1 to Si2’. However, champagne and brown diamonds of the VS class can be found at a very reasonable price as well. Like any colourless diamond, champagne or brown diamond is classified on the same scale. It’s sometimes difficult to appreciate the cut of a champagne diamond from the lowest end of the scale with the naked eye. The team at Certified Diamond Network are here to help! If you are looking for eye-catching bespoke cognac diamond rings, Australian buyers swam to look no further.


Generally, champagne diamonds will cost less than an equivalent colourless diamond of the same cut quality, clarity and carat weight. So, a champagne diamond ring can be an excellent investment if you want an affordable diamond yet highly unique. Are you are looking to buy loose champagne diamonds? Feel free to explore the Certified Diamond Network custom jewellery making capabilities. We would love to hear from you. Our expert craftsmen can design and produce spectacular champagne diamond engagement rings or any other type of jewellery you desire. Please arrange a viewing appointment at our Parramatta studio or scroll through the pages of our website to view our work.

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Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings

A timeless and elegant way to offer a toast or celebrate milestones, champagne diamond jewellery by Certified Diamond Network is an heirloom investment that never goes out of style. Champagne diamonds of top quality are scarce, and their scarcity is often more appreciated by experts than the colourless or white diamond.

The champagne or brown diamond ring symbolises confidence, elegance, healing resilience, stability, honesty and warmth. A solid and consistent fancy colour is found just like our earth. Fancy cognac diamonds make an excellent contrast to coloured diamonds and make stunning accents for engagement rings. For those who love nature, a brown diamond offers an even more significant value. Brown diamonds create a unique dimension to the diamond ring set for the one who loves and cares about the environment.

The orange-brown diamonds are perfect for anyone looking for a fashionable accessory that’s on-trend yet timeless.

What Metals Complement Brown Diamonds?

The Argyle Champagne brown diamond is characterised by an earthly brown hue and a subtle honey tint. The higher the level of lattice defects there is, the darker and more vibrant the gemstones become.

Most commonly, brown diamonds work well with rose gold or yellow gold. The contrast between the stones and the location of metal tones is an important design consideration. White gold and brown diamonds create more powerful differences and bolder looks. White gold metal complements brown diamonds because it emphasises the richness of the brown hue with a neutral colour. Platinum is another metal that complements brown diamonds well. It highlights their colour and brings out all of its subtlety. The transition from stone to metal is more fluid. This colour will also enhance your diamond colour and size.

Champagne Cognac Diamond Rings Shape

Champagne stones can be made in various shapes. Which shape is right for you is subjective. Select a shape to show your style and personality. Champagne engagement rings are easily found in everything from oval to round cut and more.

Are you searching for the perfect champagne diamond engagement ring? Look no further than our champagne cognac diamond rings. Our fancy diamonds champagne cognac rings are breathtakingly beautiful and will make any woman feel special. For the best champagne diamond prices along with a fantastic range of unique bespoke argyle champagne diamond rings, check out Certified Diamond Network in Australia today! Choose your favourite shape from round, princess, oval, marquise, or emerald and some very special unique cutting styles.

Questions & Answers

Champagne And Cognac Diamonds FAQs


Champagne diamonds are a type of fancy coloured diamond. Natural champagne diamonds are pretty abundant but can be challenging to find in fine-cut qualities & light performance with a visually pleasing tonal range of colour (due to the mix of brown and yellow colouration).

As the rarity of a diamond increase, so do its prices. Contact the Certified Diamond Network today; we have the most outstanding selection of cognac diamonds Australia can be proud of! We offer a bespoke range of diamond colours from light yellow, fancy chocolate to yellow-brown. For the most affordable diamond prices, speak with an expert today and get diamonds champagne, brown, or cognac-coloured.


Argyle cognac diamonds may be your new collection favourite. The price of a Cognac diamond can change significantly depending on the cut, colour, carat, clarity, and size. Cognac diamonds come in various earthy hues, including warm straw gold to a deep chocolate colour. Cognac diamonds have increased in popularity over the years. For the prices, depending on the 4Cs, most are more affordable than white diamonds.

While it can be challenging to find options you would consider, argyle cognac diamonds are cost-effective due to their more common rarity and less market demand. Looking for a 1 carat champagne diamond price, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at the Certified Diamond Network.


Due to the cost-effectiveness of this naturally coloured diamond, champagne and cognac diamonds would undoubtedly be the best choice for an engagement ring, wedding ring, or any piece of jewellery that’s worn regularly. For more occasional jewellery pieces, we would recommend considering Brown Zircon, Brown Tourmaline, as well as Brown Golden Beryl.


We can arrange champagne diamond rings in various sizes, styles and also a variety of darker diamonds. We will present to you the finest fancy coloured diamonds on the market, independently certified by GIA or another reputable laboratory. Please email our experts if you’d like to find our best champagne diamond suited to your budget.


Champagne diamonds come from a variety of mines and countries around the world. The most prestigious location of champagne diamonds comes from the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine. Champagne diamonds are mined from various parts of the world, including Siberia and Africa.

At Certified Diamond Network, we go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with every purchase. We understand how important it is for you to have a pleasurable experience when looking for champagne diamonds online —whether this is your first time or the tenth time.


Champagne diamonds are brown coloured diamonds with a noticeable yellow tint, which is sometimes the result of treatments used to enhance their natural tone and colours. They range in colour, tone, and hue, with a glassy or metallic lustre.

Typically, cognac diamonds have more depth. Unlike regular white diamonds, champagne diamonds are proportioned this way to retain more of their natural body colour. Because they’re so minimalistically pure and understated, cognac diamonds suit the tastes of those who want elegance with an earthy edge. Chocolate diamond has a different colour, tone, hue, and intensity.


A 1 carat champagne diamond price can vary depending on the quality, weight, tone, hue, and intensity. Prices are determined based on three factors: rarity, light performance, and designer luxury status.

Naturally, cognac diamonds that have fewer imperfections would be more valuable than those with more imperfections. However, perfection does not mean much when considering a diamond’s aesthetic appeal or a designer’s luxury status. For the most superior, affordable, and quality diamonds in the market, along with the best 1 carat champagne diamond price available in Australia, choose Certified Diamond Network today.


We only source the finest champagne diamonds. Natural cognac diamonds ensure that these beautiful gemstones have a true brilliance and beauty unmatched by lab-created stones, as well as an incomparable sense of luxury about them. You can see the stunning effect champagne diamonds have on women in any store window or jewellery commercial. We offer argyle cognac diamonds in various colours ranging from fancy dark orange-brown, yellow-brown, and deep chocolate.

Our immense knowledge of cognac diamonds and gems makes us your best choice for your requirements if you want to buy loose champagne diamonds or invest in a champagne diamond ring. Furthermore, we have (suggest ‘in-house’) experts on hand to answer your questions about anything related to diamonds or jewellery in general. Call us today for more information!