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There are many compelling reasons why people choose emerald-cut engagement rings in Sydney. Emerald-cut ring designs provide a sensational alternative to a more expensive round-cut gemstone ring, although they are still rarer than many other fancy gemstone shapes. As one of Sydney’s leading engagement ring designers Certified Diamond Network is proud of its collection of handmade emerald-cut engagement rings at our Sydney store. It has assisted many brides-to-be in discovering their absolute dream rings.

We’d love to invite you to come and visit our store and take in our breathtaking emerald-cut engagement rings in Parramatta that are 100% designed and crafted by ourselves. We offer many designs and styles, from a spectacular emerald-cut emerald halo engagement ring and an emerald-cut ruby engagement ring to emerald-cut solitaire engagement rings and all manner of distinctive emerald-cut ring designs. So, if you want to stray from the traditional and have a piece as unique as you are, check out our handmade emerald-cut engagement rings. We also have other cuts and styles including brilliant round-cut diamond rings, classic princess-cut engagement rings, fancy shape diamond engagement rings as well as unique three-stone ring designs.

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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

The Most Exquisite Collection Of Bespoke Emerald Shape Engagement Rings Sydney Offers!

An engagement ring is such a personal piece of jewellery that you want something that speaks to you and is individual. From the metal, whether silver, gold, platinum or rose gold, to the choice of gemstone and its setting. Certified Diamond Network has long been recognised as the best jeweller for emerald cut engagement ring design in Sydney. We offer an exquisite range of the finest handcrafted emerald-cut ring designs, unrivalled by other studios.

Amongst our astonishing assortment of unequalled and original form designer emerald cut engagement rings, gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, and silver are utilised in unity with the most spectacular precious gems. We have crafted and curated an elegant display of emerald-cut engagement rings in Parramatta that comprises an emerald-cut morganite engagement ring, various emerald-cut halo engagement rings, and jaw-dropping emerald-cut gold band engagement rings to give our clientele an exclusive choice when searching for the perfect ring.

Edward Swaab Is Sydney's Leading Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Designer

With an almost infinite number of engagement ring designs from high street stores, purchasing an engagement ring is simple. The issue with these rings is that they are mass-produced, meaning that many other brides-to-be will have the same ring, and the quality is invariably missing. Certified Diamond Network has award-winning designer and master craftsman Edward Swaab. With over four decades at the forefront of emerald-cut engagement ring design in Sydney, our custom emerald-cut engagement rings are exquisitely finished.

Over the past forty-plus years, Edward has shared his invaluable experience of precious gemstones, metals, and design to make dreams come true. You can visit our Parramatta design studio and meet with Edward to discuss emerald-cut ring designs. He can guide you regarding the best approach to take regarding materials and structure to ensure you achieve the best of any emerald-shaped engagement rings. Industry-recognised and regarded as the finest emerald-cut engagement ring designer in Sydney, Edward is only 100% happy when you are. We also have a magnificent collection of handmade unique wedding rings from custom women’s wedding rings to handmade men’s wedding bands we have something for everyone.

From Custom Emerald Cut Engagement Rings With Baguettes To Emerald Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring Designs We Have Something For Everyone!

The allure and charm of custom emerald-cut engagement rings are that you get a unique piece to memorialise a betrothment and a family heirloom that can be a talking piece enjoyed by future generations. Whether you’re searching for an emerald-cut diamond ring in Sydney, an emerald halo engagement ring, an emerald-cut ruby engagement ring, or a spectacular emerald-cut morganite engagement ring, Certified Diamond Network is confident our collection has something you’ll love.

Each of the handmade emerald-cut engagement rings in the range has been specifically designed to be unique and individual, from stunning pure green emerald cut emerald engagement rings and emerald diamond engagement rings to a mesmerising emerald cut ruby engagement ring. Certified Diamond Network’s design aesthetic, quality, and artisan craftsmanship combined deliver the finest emerald-cut engagement rings in Sydney.

Arrange A Free Bespoke Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Consultation With Edward Swaab Today!

Choosing a spectacular betrothment ring that you truly feel connected to and that, for many women, will be worn daily for the rest of their lives can be challenging. One fail-safe way of ensuring you have a connection and bond with your ring is to have one commissioned. Certified Diamond Network is adept at creating one-off bespoke emerald-cut engagement rings for brides-to-be across Australia and making dreams come true.

Edward Swaab is our award-winning artisan in emerald cut engagement ring design in Sydney, and we invite you to visit us in our Parramatta studio and meet with Edward for a consultation. With over forty years of experience in designing and crafting unique jewellery, he will create the perfect piece for you. Whether your preference lies in silver emerald-cut diamond engagement rings, rose gold emerald-cut emerald engagement rings, or platinum finish emerald-cut halo engagement rings, our work is only done once you are 100% satisfied with one of our unique emerald-cut engagement rings.

Questions & Answers

Sydney Emerald Cut Engagement Rings FAQs

Are emerald-cut diamonds expensive?

Emerald diamonds are considerably cheaper than round-cut stones. Depending on the market, an emerald-cut stone can be between 15% and 25% more affordable, making an emerald-cut diamond ring in Sydney a great choice. Because of the difference in value, buyers can either opt for a larger stone for emerald-cut diamond rings within their original budget or opt for the same size stone as a round diamond, save a considerable amount, and put it towards the wedding.

Is an emerald cut a good cut for a diamond?

We feel that an emerald-cut stone makes an excellent choice for an engagement ring. An emerald-cut stone is substantially less expensive per carat than round-cut stones as well as lower in demand due to the popularity of the more traditional round diamond. Because they are less in demand, they are rarer than many other cuts, making them stand out more. Emerald-cut diamond rings or an emerald-cut ruby engagement ring look absolutely spectacular and are a pleasant variation of the traditional round-cut.

How much do custom-made emerald-cut diamond engagement rings cost in Sydney?

The cost of emerald-cut rings can vary markedly depending on several factors. The precious metal used to make the ring is one component that will affect the cost of emerald-cut ring designs, but the difference is pretty minimal when considering the amount used. The gemstone’s size is the primary consideration when considering the cost of bespoke emerald-cut engagement rings. The average price of a 1-carat diamond in Australia is around $12000, and a 5-carat stone could be as much as $350000 depending on clarity and colour.

Can I design my own handmade emerald-cut engagement ring with the help of the Certified Diamonds Network?

Certified Diamond Network specialise in creating bespoke emerald-cut engagement rings. Our in-house emerald-cut engagement ring designer in Sydney is Edward Swaab. This award-winning jewellery designer has designed and created spectacular one-off pieces for over 40 years. Among CDN’s current collection are examples of emerald-cut halo engagement rings, emerald-cut gold band engagement rings, and emerald-cut engagement rings with baguettes.