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Loose Coloured Diamonds

The Certified Diamond Network is proud to offer Australians handcrafted jewellery with some of the finest quality blue, yellow, black, champagne, cognac and pink Argyle diamonds that the world has to offer.

We work with you to source a fancy colour stone that exceeds your expectations in value and visual beauty for diamond wedding rings and diamond solitaire engagement rings that are truly special.

Fancy yellow, orange, blue and pink argyle diamonds are known world-wide as extremely rare, and thus, are very valuable!

Unlike white stones, which still exist in nature in large quantities, fancy colour diamonds represent less than 1% of the quantity of loose diamonds manufactured globally, every year, and this quantity is steadily shrinking.


Fancy coloured loose diamonds are cut and polished in a different manner than white stones. This is done in order to maximise weight and to emphasise the colour as much as possible

Stones from a Trusted Source

As proud members of the Jewellers Association of Australia & Gemmological Association of Australia, we believe in absolute transparency with any diamond or gemstone purchase. In order to classify NATURAL loose coloured diamonds, they are certified in a gemmological institute such as; GIA, HRD, GSL, or AUSCERT.

You can purchase a pink argyle diamond or any other colour of stone that we provide with complete confidence that you will be receiving fancy colour diamonds that are of the highest quality, and independently verified by one of the most stringent grading laboratories.

We can source Australian argyle and international fancy coloured stones that come in almost every colour of the rainbow. Let us open your eyes to some of the rarest, most in demand, and valuable in the world!

The price is affected by the 4Cs: Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight. Although, unlike white, fancy coloured and pink stones are priced for VERY different reasons.


Fancy coloured loose diamonds can appear as one primary colour; without any secondary hue, for example; fancy blue, fancy pink, etc.

When it appears as a single colour, the price will be considerably more expensive than a stone with a secondary hue, for example; Fancy Brownish Greenish Yellow, Fancy Orangey Pink or Fancy Greyish Blue.

The intensity grading system for fancy colour diamonds differ than that of white. Unlike white stones, which range from the letter D-Z, fancy coloured stones are graded by: light, fancy-light, fancy, fancy-intense, fancy-dark and fancy vivid. The stronger the colour, the higher the price!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer all customers a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases made on pink diamonds, argyle diamonds or any other gemstone purchased.

Jewellery Designer – Edward Swaab

After selecting your special gemstone, you will then have the opportunity to work with Edward Swaab, award-winning designer and master craftsman.

Edward will sit down with you and design a diamond wedding ring, diamond solitaire engagement ring or another piece of handcrafted jewellery that is created to suit your personal taste and style. Not only will you have an individual piece, but you will also have peace of mind knowing that the ring is handmade to world-class standards.

Contact us today to find out how you can come in for an obligation free consultation.