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What Are Loose Pink Argyle Coloured Diamonds

Pink diamonds are the rarest and most desirable of all the fancy colour diamonds for both investment and high-end designer jewellery, with over 90% of the loose pink and red diamond supply coming from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia.

The Argyle diamond mine was one of the world’s biggest suppliers. It yields about 80% brown , some 15% yellow hues, about 4% white and the remaining 1% are red to pink, green and blue hues. Only 5% of this material is classified as gem quality.

Pink Argyle Diamond Dress Ring

An Argyle diamonds atomic structure is more complex than diamonds found elsewhere in the world, and it’s this complexity that can lead to plastic deformation in the growth of the crystalline structure, which is the cause of the fancy coloured diamonds found at the Argyle mine.

The Argyle Diamond Colour Chart

+ How Rare Are They?

Argyle Pink Diamonds are incredibly rare. In order of rarity; Red is followed by Purplish-Red, Purplish-Pink, Pink, Pink-Rose, then Pink-Champagne. Blue-Violet diamonds are extremely rare too, particularly in larger sizes.

+ Are They Expensive?

Fancy coloured diamonds from the Argyle Mine in gem quality are very expensive, due to their rarity. With the mine due to close in 2020, with production ceasing soon after, the price of these gemstones will increase exponentially. Argyle Certified Pink Diamonds above 0.15ct have steadily increased in value by 10-15% per annum since 2005 and represent a wonderful investment opportunity.

+ Are There Alternate Gemstones You Can Recommend?

Due to the very high price tag associated with pink Argyle diamonds, there are a few alternate gemstones we would suggest that can display very similar colours at a more affordable price. For an engagement ring we would recommend Ruby, Sapphire & Spinel, as their hardness will be more suitable for everyday wear. For dress jewellery you should also consider Morganite as well as pink Tourmaline.