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Choose from our selection of the highest quality gemstones and wholesale diamonds and discuss handmade jewellery design options with our master craftsman, Edward Swaab. Edward has been crafting designer diamond solitaire engagement rings and custom handcrafted jewellery in Sydney for many years and is considered one of Australia’s most experienced and talented jewellery designers.

Each diamond solitaire engagement ring we create is unique and our handmade jewellery designs are created to suit selected stones and settings you prefer.

Choose a Setting

Whether you prefer a diamond solitaire engagement ring, a Cluster style with a number of stones, or an open-work lattice design in which the gems flow along the lines of the setting, the way the stones are held in the setting is an integral part of every handmade jewellery design.

Each setting technique creates a look that is part of the overall style. Popular settings to consider for your diamond engagement ring include:

  • Bezel – Gems set in a sleeve of gold. The bezel is attached to the top of the ring and stands up above it, adding height and another dimension to the setting. Although solid bezels have a very traditional look, the bezel may be ‘split’ into two or more sections, arcing around just part of the stone. This is called a half-bezel or semi-bezel.
  • Channel – Diamonds set in a row with a strip of gold either side to hold them in place. Channel settings offer a sleek, elegant appearance.
  • Claw – A diamond set in a wire collet, with each claw bent over to secure the stone. This setting puts the emphasis on the stone and not the metal supporting it. The purpose of any setting is to hold the loose diamonds or stones securely in the mounting and at the same time allow light to enter for maximum brilliance.
  • Cluster – A group of diamonds often set with claws, beads, or in a channel.
  • Pave – Diamonds set close together, held in place with beads of gold.
  • Solitaire – A diamond solitaire engagement ring is a single diamond set on its own.
  • Bead – Diamonds set in a row, held in place with beads of gold.
  • Flush – The flush setting is one of the subtlest techniques. Loose diamonds or precious stones are sunk into the mounting until they are nearly level or flush with the surface. Only the table of the stone and a bit of the upper pavillion facets show. More often used in diamond wedding rings rather than engagement, the setting offers protection and creates a subtle, modern look.

Be Inspired

Don’t know where to start? Take a look at our online gallery for ideas and inspiration. These are designer engagement rings made in Sydney for our clients in past years. Once you have a short-list of preferred features for your handmade jewellery designs, talk to us about the finer details of how we can craft your new diamond engagement ring or piece of jewellery.

Call us today to find out more about designer diamond engagement rings handcrafted in Sydney or for further information and design inspiration, telephone (02) 9689 3396 or send an online enquiry.