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Choose From the Finest Diamond Gemstones in Sydney

As trusted diamond brokers in Sydney, Certified Diamond Network (CDN) sources and selects only the finest stones available worldwide and shows these quality diamond gemstones at our Sydney design studio.

You may inspect and purchase loose diamonds or request we find a special stone that meets your requirements to be made into custom handcrafted jewellery, such as a diamond solitaire engagement ring or a diamond wedding ring.

We understand that they are unique gemstones and many Sydney clients have entrusted us to create handmade jewellery designs at competitive prices. The process starts with selecting from the finest quality loose diamond gemstones at our Sydney studio.

What to Look For

Any two stones may look similar, but in reality they can be very different. Although stones may be of equal size, they may have unequal values. In general terms, there are four basic characteristics that help to determine the value of a loose diamond. They are cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.

There are also a range of other factors to consider when purchasing the ideal stone for your requirements. As your personal diamond broker in Sydney, we look at hundreds of loose diamonds every day. If there’s one very important lesson we’ve learnt, it’s that technical quality and rarity does-not always equal visual beauty.

We recommend you get a basic diamond education through our diamond buying guide and then talk to us about your detailed specifications as part of purchasing handcrafted jewellery with precious gemstones in Sydney. Unlike other diamond brokers in Sydney, we are happy to help guide you and are passionate about quality and service.

Why Buy From Us

Because every stone has its own characteristics and no two are exactly alike, knowledge of the industry and the nature of precious stones requires years of extensive experience and study.

It is essential that you buy from a broker and designer you know and trust. At CDN you can rest assured you are getting world-class handcrafted jewellery from an award winning designer, with quality and value that is independently certified from start to finish.

We are members of the Gemmological Association of Australia, Jewellers Association of Australia and National Council of Jewellery Valuers and have created memorable experiences for many clients. Read what some of our happy clients think about us.

Ready to Buy

If you’re ready to buy precious gemstones from our Sydney studio please contact us today. Telephone (02) 9689 3396 or send an online enquiry for further information or to arrange a consultation. Ask about custom diamond solitaire engagement rings and diamond wedding rings from our Sydney designer.