Q – Report Insurance

We are proud to introduce to you Q-Report Jewellery Insurance.

Backed by a world-leading insurer, the Q-Report Jewellery Insurance Policy is the only policy that guarantees you can always return to us in the case of any loss or damage to your handcrafted jewellery.


Coverage details:

  • 12 months of worldwide international cover
  • Immediate cover before you leave our design studio
  • An agreed value policy
  • Fully comprehensive protection against theft, damage, or loss
  • Guarantee that you can always return to us in the case of any claim
  • Annual revaluation of your jewellery at no additional costs

We recommend the Q-Report Jewellery Insurance Policy as we see it as a real value-add for our clients because of its reliability, value and ease of use. With Q-Report, your handcrafted jewellery is insured at an agreed value, rather than a valuation price, so you will not have to pay any excessive premiums. All data is stored in a highly secure online jewel vault so it can be accessed at anytime and anywhere in the case of a claim.

The Q-Report Jewellery Insurance Policy is exclusively available only through Q-Certified Jewellers. The Certified Diamond Network is a Q-Certified Jeweller and has been since its inception into the marketplace; so if you would like to get a Q-Report policy for your finished piece of diamond jewellery in Sydney, please Contact Us and we’ll explain the very easy process to you.