Your Sydney Diamond Broker

Let’s have a conversation about your Sydney diamond broker, Certified Diamond Network, and what we can do for you…

  1. What is a Diamond Broker?A diamond broker is an agent or dealer who has the skills and connections to find, show and buy quality gems directly from cutting factories and worldwide distributors.
  2. What is the main advantage of buying from a broker?Buying diamond jewellery in Sydney from a professional broker provides several advantages when compared to a typical retail shop selling diamond wedding rings and diamond solitaire engagement rings. These include:
    1. An unbiased approach as we are not selling our own stock, but sourcing the best quality gems, for you, from around the world.
    2. The best, competitive prices – Lower overheads and smaller margins mean you save money buying diamond jewellery in Sydney through our Certified Diamond Network.
    3. In summary, as your Sydney diamond broker our focus and expertise are precious gems, not watches, chains or giftware. This enables you to find and buy the best diamond jewellery in Sydney at the best prices.
  3. So are all brokers the same, and if not, what are the differences?Not all brokers are equal. It really comes down to whose interest they are working on. This can be seen in how hard they will work for you in finding your perfect stone.Also, consider how much time is spent with you on diamond education, diamond consulting and information. Have they offered you alternate solutions based on your search enquiry? And finally, what service can they offer to take your selected wholesale diamond into a finished piece of handcrafted jewellery?At the CDN, our core ethics are integrity, transparency, education and honesty. However, not all companies share our philosophy in putting you, the customer, as their highest priority. We’ve seen and heard of some dodgy practices that occur in our industry and we would like to arm you with some powerful knowledge.It’s not uncommon for a broker to show you a local gem, as an example, and tell you they will order the same thing at 10 to 15 per cent cheaper, directly from one of their overseas cutting factories. Or, even worse, sell you a precious gemstone visually and then replace it with one ordered sight unseen! It’s shocking, we know.

As your trusted Sydney diamond broker, CDN has created a short list of helpful information and questions we recommend you ask when considering a gem purchase.

Industry Insider Tips:

  • If the broker you’re working with is only showing you grading certificates and not the accompanying diamonds, they’re not a ‘true’ broker; they are merely a ‘certificate broker’. Not only is there a big difference in the amount of knowledge, training, education, and experience required in explaining both the technical and visual qualities of precious gems, but more importantly, what are you actually buying? Avoid these companies as they’re not working on your behalf or serving your best interests, they’re most likely working for the cutting factories.
  • It’s highly important to note down the certificate report number or even better, get a PDF copy of the certificate when making a purchasing decision. This will allow independent verification that the stone you purchased is the same one stated on your grading report.
  • If you’re not taking the wholesale diamond with you following your purchase (because they’re making the ring and need to work with the stone), insist on an independent valuation from the National Council of Jewellery Valuers ( to confirm that the stone you purchased is the same one in the finished piece and you have an accurate replacement value for insurance purposes.
  • Ask about ‘light performance’, brilliance, fire, and scintillation. A Sydney diamond broker who’s working on your behalf would much prefer to discuss the visual qualities of the diamond you’re considering, rather than the generic ‘4-C’s’.

Please contact Sydney diamond broker, CDN, for diamond consulting, diamond education or to find out more about buying precious stones.